Natalie Bin Zhao

Associate Professor, Management and Organization Studies
Area Coordinator
M.Sc. Mgmt Science (Shandong U. of Science & Technology, P.R.China), M.Sc. Organizational Behaviour (National U. of Singapore), Ph.D. Organizational Behaviour (Ivey, U. of Western Ontario)

Burnaby Room: WMC 4309
Burnaby Phone: 778.782.5552

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Associate Professor Natalie Bin Zhao, who joined the Beedie School of Business in July 2006, teaches human resources management. She holds a PhD from the Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario and MSc degrees in management from both the National University of Singapore and Shandong University of Science and Technology in China. She also worked in industry for several years at the Ji'ning Metal Materials Company in China.

Her research interests include error reporting, learning from errors, and employee compensation and motivation, and her work has been published in several top journals, including Academy of Management ReviewJournal of Organizational Behavior, Human Relations, Sloan Management Review, and Journal of World Business. Natalie says her interest in teaching stems from the excellent teachers and professors she has encountered during her schooling. "All of them have helped me to be who I am today," she says. "In turn, I want to be one of them for my students." Natalie joined the Beedie School of Business because of its supportive, collegial faculty who, she notes, "all show very great productivity in terms of research and teaching."

Specialization and Research Interests

Error Reporting
Learning from Errors
Employee Compensation and Motivation

Selected Publications

Articles and Reports

Bin Zhao, J. Seifried, & J. Sieweke

Trainers’ responses to errors matter in trainees’ learning from errors: Evidence from two studies.

2018 | Journal of Managerial Psychology.

Paul Boston, & Bin Zhao

Failing to innovate

2017 | Ivey Business Journal. March/April:

JiaWei Zhang, & Bin Zhao

Crowdfunding’s café society

2016 | Ivey Business Journal. 2016(Nov/Dec):

Taiyuan Wang, Stewart Thornhill, & Bin Zhao

Pay-for-performance, employee participation, and SME performance

2016 | Journal of Small Business Management. : In print

Natalie Bin Zhao, Brenda Lautsch, & Todd Boyle

Mistakes happen - So manage them

2016 | Ivey Business Journal. Feature Article(May/June):

Jost Siewke, & Bin Zhao

The impact of team familiarity and team leader experience on team coordination errors: A panel analysis of professional basketball teams

2015 | Journal of Organizational Behavior. 36(3): 382-402

Taiyuan Wang, Bin Zhao, & Stewart Thornhill

Pay Dispersion And Organizational Innovation: The Mediation Effects of Employee Participation and Voluntary Turnover

2015 | Human Relations. (68): 1155-1181

Christopher D. Zatzick, Natalie Bin Zhao, & Peter M. Tingling

Avoiding layoff blunders

2014 | Sloan Management Review. 55(3): 12-15

Learning from errors: The role of context, emotion, and personality

2011 | Journal of Organizational Behavior. 32(3): 435-463

Bin Zhao, & Fernando Olivera

Error reporting in organizations

2006 | Academy of Management Review. 31(4): 377-392

Shige Makino, Paul W. Beamish, & Bin Zhao

The characteristics and performance of Japanese FDI in less developed and developed countries

2004 | Journal of World Business. 39(4): 377-392

Hwee Hoon Tan, & Bin Zhao

Individual and perceived contextual level antecedents to individual technical information inquiry in organizations

2003 | Journal of Psychology. 137(6): 597-621

Bin Zhao, & Tan Hwee Hoon

Psychological mechanisms underlying individual knowledge learning and contribution in learning organizations

2001 | Research and Practice in Human Resource Management. 8(2): 3-28

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