Stephanie Bertels

Associate Professor, Technology, Operations Management / Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Ph.D. (Calgary); M.Sc.1999(Stanford); B.Sc.1997( Queen's)

Segal Room: SGL 3915
Segal Phone: 778.782.5163

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Stephanie studies how organizations make the transition towards sustainability by undertaking practitioner informed research on sustainable operations, embedding sustainability and sustainable innovation. Stephanie was the lead author of a systematic review for the Network for Business Sustainability on how companies embed sustainability in their organizational culture. She has developed a 'wheel' framework that outlines the practices needed to embed sustainability that has been well received by industry. Stephanie has continued this research in collaboration with some of the world's leading companies and is currently the research lead behind The Embedding Project:

Stephanie teaches courses in managing innovation and change; sustainable operations; and managing for sustainability in both the undergraduate and MBA programs. While actively working with firms in a range of industries, much of her work is focused on innovation for sustainability at the start of the value chain in extractive companies. Stephanie has an undergraduate degree in geological environmental engineering, a master's in petroleum engineering and a doctorate in business strategy and sustainability and has worked in industry as an environmental engineering consultant with Golder Associates.

Specialization and Research Interests

Embedding sustainability into organizational culture, sustainable innovation, strategic change towards sustainability, resilience and reliability

Selected Publications

Bertels, S., Cody, M. and Pek, S. (online) “A Responsive Approach to Organizational Misconduct:  Rehabilitation, Reintegration, and the Reduction of Reoffense”, Business Ethics Quarterly.

Bertels, S., A. Hoffman and R. Dejordy (2014) "The varied work of challenger movements: Identifying challenger roles in the U.S. environmental movement" Organization Studies 35(8): 1171-1210.

Howard-Grenville, J., S. Bertels and B. Lahneman (2014) "Sustainability: How it shapes and is shaped by Organizational Culture" in Schneider B. and K. Barbera (eds.) The Oxford Handbook of Organizational Culture and Climate, Oxford University Press, Chapter 14.

Bansal, T., Bertels, S., Ewart, T., MacConnachie, P., and O’Brien, J. (2012) “Bridging the Research Practice Gap”, Academy of Management Perspectives, 26(1): 73-92.

Howard-Grenville, J. and S. Bertels (2012) ‘Bringing the Environment into Organizational Culture’ in Bansal, P. and A. Hoffman (eds.) The Oxford Handbook on Business and the Environment, Oxford University Press.

Robinson, M., A. Kleffner, and S. Bertels (2011), “Signaling Sustainability Leadership: Empirical Evidence of the Value of DJSI Membership”, Journal of Business Ethics, 101(3): 493-505.

Bertels, S., L. Papania and D. Papania (2010) Embedding Sustainability in Organizational Culture: A Systematic Review of the Body of Knowledge, Network for Business Sustainability.

Herremans, I., Herschovis, S. and Bertels, S. (2009) “Leaders and Laggards: The Influence of Competing Logics on Corporate Environmental Action”, Journal of Business Ethics, 89(3): 449-472.

Graham R. and Bertels, S. (2008) “Achieving sustainable value: Sustainability Portfolio Assessment” Greener Management International, 54: 57-67.

Bertels, S. and J. Peloza (2008) “Running to Stand Still: Managing CSR Reputation in an Era of Rising Expectations” Corporate Reputation Review 11(1): 56-72.

Bertels, S. and H. Vredenburg (2004) “Broadening the notion of governance from the organization to the domain”, Journal of Corporate Citizenship, 15 (Autumn 2004): 33-47.

Working Papers

Bertels, S. and T. Lawrence "Practice Variation in Response to Institutional Pressures without Clear Templates for Action: Aboriginal Education in a Metropolitan School District"

Bertels, S. and K. Trottier “Addressing Stakeholders’ Needs: An Augmented Role for Accounting Oversight Boards in the Accounting Standard Setting and Auditing Process"

Bertels, S. and J. Howard-Grenville “Roping in the Cowboys at Oilco: How companies integrate externally-sourced organizational routines”

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