Faculty List & Specializations

NamePositionSpecialization & Research Interests
Christina AtanasovaAssociate Professor, Finance Empirical corporate finance, corporate governance, capital structure, corporate risk management, and pension economics and finance.
Avi BickAssociate Professor, Finance Options and Futures Markets, Investments, Mathematical Finance .
George BlazenkoProfessor, Finance Economics of insurance, analysis of corporate contingent claims and option pricing, corporate financial policy and pricing of initial public offerings.
Ying DuanAssistant Professor, Finance
Evan GatevAssociate Professor, Finance

trading strategies, big data high frequency trading, banks, hedge funds and financial institutions

Peter KleinProfessor, Finance Return anomalies, taxation, derivative securities, credit risk; and corporate governance.
Jijun NiuAssociate Professor, Finance

Banking, Corporate Governance

Andrey PavlovProfessor, Finance Real estate market modeling for the purpose of MBS pricing and risk management, mortgage prepayment and default analysis, Impact of mortgage lending on real estate property markets
Geoffrey PoitrasProfessor, Finance Securities Analysis, Applied Econometrics, Risk Management Applications of Futures and Options Contracts, History of Financial Economics, Debt Management, Mathematical Finance, Statistical Simulation.
Amir RubinProfessor, Finance

Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, Behavioral Finance, Market Microstructure, Social Responsibility.

Jan SimonSenior Lecturer, Finance Hedge Funds, Alternative Investments, Entrepreneurial Finance, Sports Management, Networks
Victor SongLecturer, Finance
Alexander VedrashkoAssociate Professor, Finance Corporate finance; Payout policy; Anomalies; Executive compensation; Corporate governance; Real Estate Finance
Derek YeeLecturer, Finance

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Research Papers

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