Rafaela Tam, BBA

Mentee, Mentors in Business Program

Rafaela Tam

What made you sign up for the Mentors in Business (MIB) Program?

This program gives students the unique opportunity to connect with and learn from those who work in an industry sector that students are most interested in. As a student, I have limited access to industry connections and resources. Having a mentor in the MIB program has really allowed me to gain valuable insights, expand my network, and broaden my horizon professionally. The experience complements my undergraduate studies and better equips me for the workplace.

What were your expectations going into the program and how have they been met?

I was expecting that Debra would share her experiences in her career and provide guidance on how to achieve my career goals. I was also eager to learn about leadership and career planning.

During our monthly meetings, Debra and I engage in insightful discussions. To prepare for a discussion on a specific topic, she also provides me with valuable resources, including books and articles, to read and then discuss during our meetings.

The MIB program has exposed me to new perspectives and has exceeded my expectations.

What three words would you use to describe your mentor?

Devoted, proactive, dynamic.

What has been a program highlight for you?

I am interested in working for a non-profit organization--my mentor’s experiences working for such an organization have helped me gain a greater understanding of my own career aspirations. A highlight was when I visited her workplace at the senior care residence, Langley Lodge. It was rewarding to hear her stories, and I appreciate the values she tries to build in our community. Debra has helped me discover my strengths and potential. She has inspired me to grow as a leader and to achieve success in career and life.

What advice would you give to employers who may be considering becoming a mentor?

The Mentors in Business program is an excellent way to give back to the community and to help students by sharing your knowledge and wisdom. Keys to successful mentoring include being committed, providing regular constructive feedback, speaking from experience, and being open and honest. Through this program, you will have the opportunity for your own personal growth.

Interested in becoming a mentor? Visit our Mentors in Business page or contact mentorsinbusiness@sfu.ca for more information.