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Be Challenged

Support From the Start

All Beedie students start their first term in the Business Foundation Program (BFP). This program will give you an excellent introduction to the world of business, but most importantly, you will receive support and guidance from many people along the way.

Instructors and Teaching Assistants are ready to introduce you to the business world through BFP. The in-class environment is very interactive and allows you to meet fellow students and learn together. Instructors and Teaching Assistants will be there every step of the way during this course to help you start your path to success as a Beedie student.

Classroom visits from Beedie alumni who have become business professionals allow you to hear first-hand stories of what it takes to be successful as a Beedie student. Alumni know what it is like to be first year student, and can relate to the things you might be curious about in your first semester.

Beedie Staff from different areas are another source of support that you will be introduced to through BFP. Learn about everything from academic and career advising, to opportunities that will help complement your academics.

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