Market Demand

There are few organizations no longer aware of the competitive value of "Analytics"  but there is little consensus on exactly what this very broad term means, even among the few companies that are very advanced. While the certificate will be a valuable designation for traditional functions such as  business intelligence and market research, analytics applications go far beyond those traditional roles. Analytics positions and skillsets

  • have a variety of titles
  • are housed within standalone groups that support several functional areas, or within existing functional areas such as marketing, operations, finance, and IT.
  • apply to almost all industries
  • are rapidly evolving,  towards specialization within teams and away from supermen who can do it all
  • require some quantitative skills, e.g., data management, coding, statistics and/or machine learning

Developing analytics capabilities within an organization is a slow
process. The following article describes one way that organizations
often get started, and indicates a path where new employees in any
functional area can apply analytics skills.
Strategies and Tactics for Successfully Developing In-House Predictive Analytics Expertise



The BADM certificate is designed to prepare students to enter this dynamic arena and ride the wave as the discipline grows and matures. The professional organization that is taking leadership in certification and education, and that students should monitor closely, is the Institute for Operations Research and Management Science (INFORMS).  Recent INFORMS initiatives include

  • a professional designation introduced in 2013, the Certfied Analytics Professional (CAP), that involves one or more degrees, an exam, and 3 to 5 years experience.  The content of Beedie's undergrad certificate will cover the material that is in the CAP exam.
  • ANALYTICS, a monthly online magazine that monitors the field.
  • Getting Started With Analytics, a website for organizations that know they need to have analytics capabilities but don't know how to get started. It addresses a variety of questions, including "What is Analytics?"
  • short courses specifically designed for working analytics professionals.