BADM Students

BADM organizes Business Analytics Hackathon events, where students apply theory they learn in class to real-world problems. The competitions challenge students to analyze real data, make accurate predictions and present results with managerial recommendations to a panel of industry judges. The judges provide the competitors valuable feedback on their presentations.

These practical hands-on learning activities help students improve their decision-making skills and enhance their capacity to recognize and seize business opportunities.


2018 Hackathon

Students who have completed the BADM Certificate say:

As an individual who has a strong belief in business analytics and its objective perspective on decision-making, the BADM Certificate provided me with an excellent educational foundation for my career. The certificate encourages students to prioritize statistical metrics for business efficiency, while providing a thorough education on industry relevant software. The certificate culminates in the Analytics Project Capstone Course, wherein students are given their first exposure to a practical four-month data project. Throughout this course, students play the role of consultants, and are tasked with applying their knowledge while considering the idiosyncrasies of unique, complex data sets from their respective clients. This certificate played a vital role in helping me secure my first full-time position upon graduation, as I was hired by our client in the Analytics Project course.

Based on my own experience, and upon discussions with peers, I am confident that the knowledge derived from the BADM Certificate will serve as a differentiating factor in my career moving forward.

Tawfiq Jamal

Data Analyst, Electronic Arts

BBA Honours 2017

The Business Analytics and Decision Making Certificate (BADM) provided my first view into the emerging market of data analytics. The unique curriculum broadened my understanding, and the industry contact gave me the ability to see trends in the market and make connections with others with similar interest. Particularly, the capstone course gave me as close to a “real world” experience as possible within the classroom. I have found that the focus on understanding the data from a business perspective has opened the door to many options for myself in starting my career. I would highly advise anyone who has an interest in understanding the “why” of decisions, and making these decisions based on a reasoned analysis, to go through the BADM certificate."

Ryan Johnson, BBA Honours, 2016

If you are looking to enter the field of data analytics as an SFU student, the BADM certificate is a must.  The prerequisite courses pulled from across concentrations help develop the required problem solving and analytical thinking skills needed to be a success.  The certificate gives exposure not only to technical skills needed to work in data analytics, but also places great emphasis on the soft skills of business understanding, problem framing, and communication.  The capstone course, BUS 439, provides the opportunity to apply all of the knowledge gained in previous classes.  This course truly provides a “real world” experience, from being handed dirty data to the presentation to stakeholders at the end of the semester, as well as all of the steps in between.  Overall, the BADM program builds a base of tangible skills and experience that will set students apart from their peers when entering the workplace.

Joseph Yeates, BBA 2016
Business Analyst, Blueshore Financial

When I think of the three most valuable courses that I have taken at Beedie, all three are requisites of the BADM certificate. The program complements theory with real-world practice, and left me with tangible hard skills that touch all aspects of my career and life. In true analytics fashion, let me cut through the fluff and present hard numbers: I learned and used ten analytics software on a couple dozen real-world datasets with a cumulative 36 teammates. To top it off, the capstone course, BUS 439, threw me into the deep end of the pool with the expectation that I apply the knowledge and practice to consulting projects with three clients-- an immeasurably challenging and rewarding experience.

Tools and machines are extensions of human muscles that vastly improve the human body's efficiency and effectiveness. Similarly, the technical knowledge and skills gained from the BADM certificate are extensions of the human brain that vastly improve its efficiency and effectiveness. I highly recommend it to business students in any concentration.

Michael Dyatchenko, 2015

The strong theoretical reasoning behind doing the BADM Certificate persuaded me to complete it. But, my observations during my latest work experience thoroughly reinforced my decision.

I spent 6 months working in adidas Group's global headquarters in Germany between October 2015 and April 2016. I worked in the Consumer Analytics team--essentially, an internal consultancy of 22 to the global company supporting analytics and data science efforts in marketing activities. My projects straddled the Digital Analytics (Social Media, Web, Mobile), Qualitative Analytics, and Marketing Intelligence practices.

The cross-functional knowledge and skills from the BADM are distinguishing. My deep business background earned me the reputation of being "the MBA"; while, the breadth of skills in statistics and computer science enabled me to take on many roles in a project while remaining independent. It's a mean and unique combination.

Aside from the daily application of analytics and business skills, one of my contributions to the team was a session on "Effective Analytics Presentations", which was heavily built upon the lessons learned from the BADM capstone course. The new perspectives on analytics presentations were well received and implemented, improving our team's client deliverables.

The BADM program builds a broad base of experience that can be applied to a myriad of projects, in a myriad of roles.

Michael Dyatchenko, 2016

The Business Analytics and Decision Making Certificate provided me with the most useful and applicable set of skills and experiences from my university career. After graduation and searching for jobs, I realized that the skill sets from the BADM certificate are what many employers are looking for in the Business Analytics industry. Having the certificate definitely gave me an advantage in my job search process and have secured me a position as a Research analyst. The core course in the certificate is the capstone course (BUS439). In this capstone course, I was truly able to apply what I learned from other courses required for this certificate for real problems and datasets provided to us by partnering companies and organizations. Through the certificate, I was able to gain valuable experiences and skills that I am currently using in my position as a Research analyst. I would strongly recommend students who are interested in Business Analytics and intelligence to enroll in the BADM certificate.

Kevin Chen

The bus 439 course was definitely my favourite course at SFU. It has set me up with so many useful and relevant experiences that I often am able to relate a lot of interview questions back to this course. I think I learned more in this course than n 5 courses combined. The collection of courses that we had to complete for the certificate were very related. I found that the skills I had learned from one course that was under MIS were so useful in another course under Marketing. If I hadn't done the certificate I would not have realized how different skills have applications across multiple disciplines.

Nada Nosseir

I have taken so many business courses from many different concentrations but BADM by far offered me the most helpful and practical knowledge. Not only did the program require a combination of concentrations like MIS, Marketing, and Operations Management but it also allows learner autonomy where I was able to take charge of my own learning (especially in Bus 439). Before joining the program, I had never imagined myself being a data person but I could not be prouder to be one of the first students to join the program and graduated successfully. I would definitely recommend the program to anyone who is eager and intrigued by data, who works hard and believes in learning-by-doing, and last but not least, those with the willingness to never stop learning. I would like to thank all the professors and founders of BADM, who managed to bring big data closer to students like us.

Minnie Nguyen

If you are interested in the field of data analytics, I highly recommend the BADM certificate, and in particular BUS 439. The BADM classes formed the foundation for my understanding of business analytics, and built my skills in R, Knime, MySQL, and other industry software. The capstone class, BUS 439 allowed me to work with real world data from local businesses and institutions along with other students who are also passionate about analytics. Finally, my 439 classmates and I were given the chance to present our findings to decision makers within these businesses, which provided us with an exceptional networking opportunity.

Malinda MacKinnon

The BADM certificate is an excellent opportunity to stretch beyond theoretical concepts in class and get a taste of something very tangible. Through the courses I took as a part of the certificate, there was always an opportunity to pick up technical skills and continuously learn new ways to create an impact using data. As a part of the BADM capstone course, we were given a rare chance to build on our skill set working with real data from organizations such as Vancouver Coastal Health and SAQ. In my experience, these projects have been a large focal point during interviews. If you are looking for an environment to challenge yourself in creative analytic projects, this may be just the right place for you.

Nathan Mach

BADM can be seen as an extension to your regular MIS or Marketing concentration. In my experience with BADM, the certificate added value by pushing me to take courses outside of MIS. However, in these Marketing and Operation courses, they all had aspects of applying technology and statistics to their respective business settings. By doing so, I was exposed to a wide variety of statistical tools, a solid foundation in databases and even the basics of data visualization. The knowledge from all the prior courses cumulates in BUS439 where you are thrown into a real-world problem provided by external companies, which in the process of solving had truly highlighted my personal growth from the certificate.

Rock Chi