[BASS] FROSH Organizing Committee Positions Application

Deadline: Fri March 24, 2017

Mar 15, 2017

BASS is a volunteer-run student organization that represents all students in SFU’s BBA program. Through a variety of social events, networking events, a mentorship program, and an online publication, BASS provides countless leadership opportunities.

BASS FROSH is an event that introduces incoming first-year undergraduate students to SFU Beedie with the goal of easing their transition from high school to university. As a member of the BASS FROSH Organizing Committee, you will foster the opportunity for 192 first-year students to develop meaningful connections and long-lasting friendships.

BASS FROSH is currently recruiting for the following positions:

  1. Director of Volunteer Management
    This position will be recruiting and leading BASS FROSH leaders, coordinating training sessions for BASS FROSH leaders, and maintaining communication with them.
  2. Director of Risk Management
    This position will be allocating funds, tracking expenses, and developing risk and safety protocols for BASS FROSH.
  3. Director of Logistics
    This position will be creating the logistical itineraries for the days of BASS FROSH, allocating tasks to the BASS FROSH Organizing Committee and BASS Executive Team, and leading all event run-throughs.
  4. Director of Marketing and Communications
    This position will be creating and executing a marketing plan, and ensuring all marketing materials released align with the BASS FROSH brand.
  5. Director of Internal Operations
    This position will be dealing with administrative tasks such as preparing waivers, ordering food items, and coordinating room bookings when necessary.
  6. Director of External Relations
    This position will be maintaining all external partnerships and sponsorships.

Please click here to view the application process and questions for all positions: http://bit.ly/FROSH2017-OCApp

Please note that all applications must be received by Friday, March 17, 2017, to be considered. If you have any questions regarding any position above, please contact BASS FROSH Chair, Jessica Liang, at bassfrosh@gmail.com.