[BASS] 2018-2019 Executive Council Positions Application

Deadline: Sun December 3, 2017

Nov 01, 2017

BASS is a volunteer-run student organization that represents all students in SFU’s BBA program. Through a variety of social events, networking events, a mentorship program, and an online publication, BASS provides countless leadership opportunities.

BASS is currently recruiting for the following positions:

  1. President

The President’s main purpose is to oversee and guide the Executive Council and to see that proper procedures and formalities are followed while implementing fresh, new, and exciting ideas into the organization. Their duties will also include developing a long term vision with the Executive Council while being a liaison for external stakeholders and maintaining a professional relationship and image with all members of BASS.

  1. Vice-President of Human Resources

The Vice President of Human Resources oversees the recruitment processes for all BASS positions and the monitoring of each member’s experience. This role includes leading a team of Human Resources coordinators and training them in proper HR practices. This position plays a large role in ensuring a positive organizational culture within BASS and encouraging students to be involved.

  1. Vice-President of Finance

The Vice President of Finance’s main purpose is to maintain and create a healthy operating budget for BASS. They will also be working congruently with other portfolios and BASS organizing committees to create a responsible spending scheme and providing judgments on any necessary spending. This position will have the opportunity to work with a team to help seek grants and funding, while assisting with external funding. They will also expose their team to proper budgetary processes and formal account keeping.

  1. Vice-President of Program Innovation – formerly Vice-President of Events

The Vice President of Program Innovation’s’ main purpose is to oversee and organize the four main pillar events of BASS: Beedie Olympics, Pathways, Student Leadership Retreat, and Student Life Initiatives. Through this role, they will have an opportunity to work with a team to organize existing pillar events, but also develop and facilitate new ideas. They will also help develop proper logistics, risk assessment, and organizational skills within their portfolio team.

  1. Vice-President of Internal Operations

The Vice President of Internal Operations’ main purpose is to oversee and organize BASS’ three main Organizing Committees (OCs): BASS Frosh, BASS Mentorship Program, and the BASS Celebration Gala. This position will allow for the chance to work with the OCs to help develop, maintain, and curate existing BASS internal operations as well as being the liaison for the Executive Council.

  1. Vice-President of Marketing

The Vice President of Marketing’s main purpose is to develop an overall marketing strategy while ensuring a consistent image for BASS. They will also be  working with a team of coordinators to help conceive promotional material, and teach fundamental marketing skills.

  1. Vice-President of Corporate Relations

The Vice President of Corporate Relations’ main purpose is to help maintain and create long-lasting and meaningful relationships with the external partners and the alumni of BASS. They will work with a team to help preserve BASS’ brand with existing partners while establishing new partnerships by approaching potential external organizations. They will also help develop negotiation, communication, and public speaking skills within their portfolio.

Please click here to view the application process and questions for the Executive Council positions: http://bit.ly/BASSExecApp2018

Please click here to view the nomination form for all positions: http://bit.ly/BASSExecNomination2018

Please note that all applications and nomination forms must be received by Sunday, December 3rd, 2017 at 11:59 PM to be considered. If you have any questions regarding any position above, please contact BASS Vice-President of Human Resources, Jared Chiu, at basshr@sfu.ca.