Scotiabank on Campus

Event: Mon March 19, 2018

Mar 08, 2018

Scotiabank On Campus

Scotiabank is a high-energy team with a strong bias towards action. They are a leading financial services provider in North America, Latin America, the Caribbean, Central America, and parts of Asia.  Scotiabank places value on creativity, curiosity, drive and the willingness to work collaboratively, and are looking for future leaders who have a passion for making an impact and Рmost of all Рgetting things done. If this sounds like you, join the Scotiabank Campus recruitment team on March 19th!

Date: Monday, March 19th, 2018
Time: 2:30pm – 4:30pm
Location: SFU Burnaby, WMC 2210
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Please note: This event is targeted torwards 1st and 2nd year students for future summer and co-op opportunities (Fall 2018 co-op and Summer 2019 opportunities) and to 3rd years to discuss full time opportunities.