Beedie Student Volunteer Pool

Apr 06, 2018

The Student Engagement Office has created a Volunteer pool for students who are interested in gaining event experience as well as contributing back to the Beedie community by helping at one-off events throughout the year. We are using this pool to create a stronger community for our volunteers so that you can be better recognized and celebrated for all of your efforts.

If you would like the chance to be involved, but have limited time to share, this opportunity may be for you.

Types of Faculty Events:

Here are just a few of the types of events we run throughout the year:
– Internally run Case Competitions
– Convocation and Dean’s Honour Roll Receptions
– Informational Community and Recruitment events such as Information Evenings, Open Houses and Surrey Campus’ “Making Connections”.


Time commitment for events will vary but typically they range from a few hours to a whole day.  On the rarest occasions, events may be two days long.   You will likely attend a briefing meeting leading up to the event as well.

How this will work:

If you sign up, we will add your email to our email list and when events come up we will email the list to see if you are interested in helping with that particular event.  The list will be refreshed every year.  At that time we will contact all of you to double check if you would like to stay in the pool for the coming school year.  Please note that you may join or unsubscribe from the pool at any time throughout the year.  All you will need to do is send an email to Melissa-Sue Read ( to request that she remove you from the pool.

In Return for your Time and Energy:

–       You will get the opportunity to share your experience as a Beedie student with potential incoming students
–       You will have a greater sense of community connection with your fellow students and Beedie staff and faculty
–       You will be able to use faculty and departmental staff as references
–       You can add experiences to your resume

To sign up, please follow this link to our websurvey registration form.