[JDC West Host] Volunteer Supervisor Applications Open

Deadline: Tue July 10, 2018

Jun 20, 2018

JDC West is the largest undergraduate business competition, featuring 12 top business schools (about 650 students) from across Western Canada. Each university sends one team of 50+ representative students to participate respectively in one of 10 Academic Competitions, 1 Parliamentary Debate, 1 Athletic Competition or 1 Social Competition. Points are awarded and accumulated towards a team being declared “School of the Year”.

Please note that the JDC West Host Organizing Team organizes the competition while the SFU JDC West competes at the competition. SFU JDC West is the team that represents SFU and competes at JDC West, whereas JDC West is the hosting team that organizes the event. The hosting school for JDC West is different every year and 2019 will be the first time it is being hosted at Simon Fraser University (SFU)!

Opportunities are available for both JDC West and SFU JDC West this year. Please note that you can apply to be a volunteer for JDC West as long as you are not on the SFU JDC West Executive team, competing team, or volunteer at any SFU JDC West related events.

About the Volunteer Supervisor Position 

The volunteer supervisor position plays a critical role in helping the JDC West OC execute the JDC West 2019 competition. The position will have the opportunity to manage a large number of volunteer leads and general volunteers in all aspects of the competition. Through this position, volunteer supervisors will be able to strengthen their leadership, management, and communication skills while learning how to execute a large-scale event.

Please note that all volunteers are expected to:
1. Attend all general and portfolio-specific training sessions
2. Be available to volunteer at SFU on the days of JDC West (January 11 – 13, 2019)
3. Declare on the application form that they are not involved in or affiliated with the SFU JDC West competing team

Volunteer today to help shape tomorrow.

View the full job description here: https://jdcw.page.link/NLtk

To apply, please visit: http://jdcwest.org/get-involved/2019-volunteer/

If you have any questions, please direct them to Katy Peng and Sarah Lee at volunteers@jdcwest.com.

Applications close July 10 at 11:59PM PST.