SSHRC Small (Fall 2008 competition) Results

Feb 24, 2009

The results from the SSHRC Small Fall 2008 competition have been announced. The SSHRC Small grant helps fund one year research projects that often form the basis or pilot study for future research projects. This is a university-wide competition. All five project propopsals submitted were funded. The researchers represent Finance, MIS, Strategy, Marketing, Accounting and International Business disciplines.

  • Karen Ruckman & Nilesh Saraf: “Imitation of Service Capabilities: An Investigation of Indian Information Technology Outsourcing Vendors”
  • Christina Atanasova & Evan Gatev: “Risk Taking of Institutional Investors: Evidence from Defined Benefits Pension Plans”
  • John Peloza: “Antecedents and Consequences of Environmentally Friendly Purchases: Pilot Studies”
  • Dave Thomas: “Bicultural Individuals in Organizations”
  • Karel Hrazdil: “Corporate Governance of Small Canadian Firms”