Beedie piper set to take on the world

Jun 27, 2011

by Jevta Lukic

Anny He, Beedie School of Business undergraduate student, has stayed true to Simon Fraser University’s Scottish heritage by contributing the sounds of her bagpipe to the SFU convocation ceremonies for the last five years. He, who plays on SFU’s Robert Malcolm Pipe Band, is not only musically inclined. She is also the president of the student-run Management Information Systems Association, an organization at the student forefront of the intersection of business and technology.

And while the career prospects for MIS graduates may be music to her ears, it is the enjoyment she derives from bagpipes that really strikes a special note.

“There is no sound that is more pleasing to the ear than the sound of a well-tuned bagpipe,” said He. “No matter what kind of music is played— be it a fun fast tune, a majestic classical tune, or a marching tune that has been played too many times at parades and community events— a great sound never gets old.”

The talented musician has also competed with the Robert Malcolm Pipe Band at the World Pipe Band Championship in 2009 and is planning to return to Scotland in 2012 to win the top honours. She has taken part in the longstanding SFU tradition each convocation since June 2006.