Interview with John Pigeon – Admissions Advisor at the Beedie School of Business

Sep 06, 2011

John Pigeon, Admissions Advisor for Simon Fraser University’s MBA program, recently spoke to F1GMAT about the program. The interview is shown below:

F1GMAT: SFU Beedie Full-time MBA program has put emphasis on building a foundation in business management. How is the program designed to help MBA candidates get real world Business Experience?

John Pigeon(SFU Beedie): The Full-time MBA program is focused on both strategic management and working within groups, as a leader and a contributor.  We focus the program on the many disciplines that are important to business leaders; however we are always encouraging the students to consider the broader strategic implications of their decisions.  The program is also focused on the importance of strategic, long-term decision making coupled with making current, day-to-day operational decisions brought on by dynamic environments and unforeseen circumstances.

There are a number of ways that we engage our students with the business community.  The Segal Graduate Studies campus building is a regular venue for a number of business and scholarly events and hosts numerous organizations including the Vancouver Board of Trade and numerous industry organizations.  We encourage our students to attend these events when applicable.  We also encourage students to take advantage of our ongoing relationship with the Vancouver Board of Trade and industry organizations in Vancouver, Canada and beyond.

Our students also work closely with our Career Management Center (CMC)
as part of their curriculum calendar.  The CMC is designed to train students in networking, etiquette and attire.  Although there is a lecture focus, students also meet periodically with their CMC coach throughout the year to discuss networking strategy and opportunities while also practicing their interview and engagement skills.

As students complete their coursework they are encouraged by professors and CMC staff to engage members of the business community for input and resources.  During the Group Dynamics and Leadership class students engage business leaders to discuss group dynamics and leadership strategies that have worked for the leader.  Throughout the year a number of guest lecturers, speakers and panelists are brought onto the campus to speak with students about business issues and their views on success.  In 2010-2011, the full-time MBA hosted renowned businessperson George Cohon, who launched the first McDonalds in Russia as well as Canada amongst a number of other distinguished individuals.

At the completion of their coursework, students work with the CMC to find work placement.  This service is available for students well after they have graduated.  For students to graduate the program, they must first complete a minimum four-month internship.

Click here to read the complete interview on the F1gmat website.

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