Prof. Dianne Cyr’s human-computer interaction work nets coveted AIS Technology Award

Feb 01, 2012

Dianne Cyr, a professor of management information systems at the Beedie School of Business, along with Southern Utah University information systems prof. Dezhi Wu, have been recognized by the Association for Information Systems (AIS) for their leadership role in garnering a globally coveted technology award.

Cyr and Wu played prominent roles in helping the AIS special interest group on human-computer interaction (SIG HCI) earn the coveted AIS Technology Challenge award at the recent International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) in Shanghai.

The Technology Challenge award was designed to honor the most significant contributions to the development of AISWorld, AIS’ popular list serve, in the preceding year, in the form of a website. Exceptional sites honored demonstrate an extraordinary contribution in two or more of the following areas: teaching and learning; research; service or other professional activities; creating an IS community of scholars.

According to the Association, “Drs. Cyr and Wu’s work in helping SIG HCI achieve this honor should be noted. AIS takes pride in recognizing the distinguished scholars that make up our community, and, ultimately, contribute to the success of the field.”

Both Cyr and Wu were recognized by AIS for their important role, “contributing to the framework of success SIG HCI demonstrated in order to achieve this coveted award.”

“AISWorld continues to be one of the most important resources for AIS members, and we are appreciative of the resource contributions of the individuals, their academic units, and their universities, without whose support there would be no AISWorld,” said Dov Te’eni, AIS president. “SIG HCI and its leaders should be commended for their efforts in this area.”

Professor Cyr’s research is focused on the design of websites and explores how design elements result in user trust, satisfaction, and loyalty. Unique elements of this research concern how design preferences differ across cultures or related to gender. She has received a number of awards for her publications including Best MISQ paper for 2009 and IS Senior Scholars Best Paper for 2009.

The Association for Information Systems, founded in 1994, is a professional organization whose purpose is to serve as the premier global organization for academics, students, and professionals specializing in Information Systems. For more information about AIS, visit

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