BBA captures unfiltered spirit of SFU on viral video

Apr 12, 2012

by Joanne Leung

“Uh huh, you know what it is. Simon Fraser, Simon Fraser, Simon Fraser, Simon Fraser.”

It’s the mantra that has morphed into Simon Fraser University’s unofficial and irreverent refrain over the past two months. And right along with it, Beedie School of Business undergraduate student Matthew Tse, one of the creators of the immensely popular “Sh*t SFU Says” video, has been along for the viral video ride. His YouTube video garnered 50,000 views in just four days—and is now not far from reaching 100,000 views. In the wake of the downloads, Tse is enjoying a bit of on-campus fame himself.

Tse certainly did not expect the video to become as popular as it did, though.

“Honestly, I originally brought up the idea to Julian [the director of the video] as a bit of a joke and random thought,” Matthew recounts. “Seeing as how so many people were doing parodies [of the “Sh*t Girls Say” video], we felt SFU needed one.” The video has since gone on to enjoy mass appeal with students in British Columbia and abroad, and has even enjoyed some critical acclaim from film industry insiders.

Matthew Tse (left) and Wesley Wang ponder the logic behind the Academic Quadrangle’s name

Making videos is not the only thing Tse does during his free time. The third-year finance and MIS student keeps busy with a plethora of extra-curricular activities; he is currently the Community Director in SFU’s Canadianized Asian Club (CAC), and recently completed a term as Director of Sponsorship for the 2012 CaseIT organizing committee. He was even auctioned off for charity at CAC’s annual Dating Auction in 2011. Outside of SFU, Tse is part of AX3 Multimedia, a successful new venture organized by university students that provides the latest Asian lifestyle and pop culture news for a Vancouver audience.

With all these commitments, it’s no small feat that Tse can find the time for his schoolwork and his extra-curriculars.

“It’s a combination of just managing my time as best as I can and a lot of late nights. It also doesn’t hurt that I love everything that I’m doing and am involved with. It never feels like work! I’ll be focusing more on school [in the upcoming year, though].”

While schoolwork and university activities will be his main focus, Tse does not plan on leaving the social media environment of YouTube anytime soon.

“I love the arts and am extremely passionate about it. There will definitely be a lot more skits, parodies, as well as shorts,” he says.

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Watch the “Sh*t SFU Says” video below: