“Be More” campaign set to inspire Beedie BBAs

Oct 01, 2012

A new campaign launches today at Simon Fraser University’s Beedie School of Business aimed at encouraging students to make the most of their student life. The campaign challenges students to get more from the opportunities available to them both inside and outside the classroom – to be engaging, to be exceptional, and ultimately, to “Be More”.

The Be More campaign aims to encourage students to seek out opportunities throughout their undergraduate degree to strengthen their résumé, and differentiate themselves from the crowd as they prepare to enter the job market after graduation.

At the core of the campaign is a call for students to students to take full advantage of everything the Beedie School of Business has to offer, to be open to discovering new interests and develop transferrable skills in doing so. It asks students to become fully engaged with their education and strive to want more, do more, get more and be more while they earn their degree.

“The Be More campaign is about encouraging our students to challenge themselves at every opportunity, not only in the classroom, but outside it as well,” says Casey Dorin, Executive Director, undergraduate programs. “At the Beedie School of Business, we want our students to lead, inspire, get involved and become well rounded, global citizens who are able to step up and take on the challenges they will face in an increasingly complex business world after graduation.”

The Be More campaign comprises of six themes, each focusing on a different aspect of the student experience: Be Challenged, Be Engaged, Be Driven, Be Global, Be Inspired, and Be Connected.

The combination of these six themes encompasses the entire Beedie School of Business experience on offer to students, including participating in case competitions and student clubs; internationalizing their degree by studying abroad; realizing their potential through attendance at conferences, workshops and seminars; and boosting their résumé through numerous career development opportunities.

“The Be More campaign is a call to action for all Beedie students to be all they can be,” says Andrew Gemino, Associate Dean, undergraduate programs. “The core of the Be More strategy is for students to be fully engaged with their education – engaging and challenging themselves to take the next step and become exceptional students. Be More is about striving for excellence in a multi-faceted and all-encompassing way.”

For more information on the Be More campaign, visit https://beedie.sfu.ca/bba/index.php or contact the Student Engagement Office.

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