Certificate Requirements

The BTM certificate is earned through completion of 28 units (nine courses), which are a combination of existing courses that may apply toward a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Major program or Joint Major program (Information Systems and Computing Science).

Courses in this certificate also can be applied toward multiple concentrations within a BBA. For the current requirements, please refer to the SFU Calendar

  1. Requirements for the Certificate in Business Technology Management (BTM) prior to Spring 2018
  2. BTM certificate specializations will launch in Spring 2018. Refer to the new requirements for Spring - Summer 2018 here

Apply to the Certificate in Business Technology Management (BTM)

Please read Q4 in the FAQ section for clarifications on the experiential or work service component required for the BTM certificate.  

Declaration and Advising Support

Bachelor of Business Administration students are encouraged to declare their certificate by 60 units and should have a minimum 2.40 CGPA in order to gain access to certificate courses.

Students can: