Frequently Asked Questions

1. I’d like to connect with your top students. Could you recommend them to me?
2. Do you pre-screen resumes?
3. Do we have to pay interns?
4. Can I get a student or class to work on a project related to my business?
5. Do you work with third-party recruiters?
6. How long do job postings remain visible on Beedie Community?
7. Can I hire an MBA over the summer?
8. What’s the difference between a co-op work term and an internship?
9. How much should I pay an MBA intern?
10. How do I post an opportunity with SFU Career Services or Co-op?
11. What do your students learn through your business programs?
12. I’m thinking about an MBA. Where can I get more information?
13. How can I speak to students in a classroom?
14. How do I teach in one of your programs?
15. I’d like to work at SFU. What positions are available?
17. How do I book meeting space downtown?

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