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Centre for Corporate Governance and Sustainability


The Centre for Governance and Sustainability undertakes innovative, rigorous, and practically relevant research on corporate governance and sustainability. We currently have two key projects underway:

The Next Generation Governance Project (sponsored by CPA Canada) examines how global companies navigate changing governance obligations including the need to address environmental and social obligations.

The Embedding Project brings together an international community of researchers and practitioners to develop and pilot rigorous but practical guidance on embedding sustainability that benefits everyone.

Current Projects

Over 30 years ago Michael Porter alerted corporate boards to the need to look beyond their own corporate boundaries and factor their corporate environment into their strategy-making process. Fast forward to the present, and companies are being asked to extend those boundaries out to the edges of the planet and the societies that inhabit it. Yet, for many companies, their corporate governance structures and processes lag behind, still taking an incremental approach to tackling what are increasingly core strategic issues.

The Next Generation Governance Research Project aims to develop a rigorous understanding of these changing needs, systematically document the evolution of best practice and provide a strong foundation for the development of practical guidance for practitioners by answering the following questions:

  1. What are the pressures on corporate governance practices stemming from sustainability challenges?
  2. To address these challenges, what might need to change about how companies are governed?

The Project is funded by the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada)


The Embedding Project is a collaboration between leading global researchers in the area of embedding sustainability and a set of leading global firms undertaking pioneering work on embedding sustainability.

At the heart of the project sits a framework for Embedding Sustainability that allows companies to assess their efforts and benchmark themselves against their peers. The Embedding Project also facilitates the exchange of cutting edge knowledge by bringing together an international community of practitioners facilitated and supported by researchers to enable the gathering and analysis of rich data on the practices and processes of embedding as well as co-creating a set of rigorously derived, yet practically relevant tools such as guidebooks, workbooks, self-assessments, workshops and webinars.