About Us

The Centre for Global Workforce Strategy carries out multidisciplinary research on issues surrounding effective workforce management strategies. It began by consolidating the activities of three ongoing multinational research projects.

The first, The Cultural Intelligence Project, involves participants from 12 countries in defining, developing, and validating an instrument to measure cultural intelligence–the measure of an individual’s ability to interact effectively with the cultural aspects of an environment. It is a key competency requirement for the management of cultural diversity

The second project is Canadian Participation in Cranet (Cranfield Network on Comparative Human Resource Management). Established in 1989, Cranet is an expanding group of top business schools and academic institutions collaborating to provide unique and rigorous data on human resource management (HRM) practices across the world. Researchers carry out a regular international survey of organizational policies and practices and provide benchmarks for a systematic comparative analysis of trends in HRM policies and practices. Cranet is a unique resource for researchers, management practitioners, and policy makers, who seeking an up-to-date overview of HRM’s ever-changing global face.

The third project involves the study of bicultural individuals in organizations. Given the changing patterns in the world’s workforce, it is increasingly possible that more employees and managers will be bicultural. Bicultural individuals have a dual pattern of identification with different cultures. The ability of biculturals to operate within more than one culture as a native raises a number of interesting and important questions for global workforce management.

Other Centre activities include:

  • Practitioner forums, media outreach, and academic conferences
  • Publication in traditional scholarly venues
  • Preparation and distribution of educational material for use by universities and professional associations
  • Outreach and networking activities, such as hosting conferences or public forums on topical subjects, and workshops to promote the activities and findings of the Centre to both academic and business audiences
  • Professional development programs

The collaborative and multidisciplinary research environment at Simon Fraser University has allowed the Centre to build a strong team of researchers, drawing from both the Beedie School of Business existing research expertise on global workforce management and an extensive network of individuals associated with ongoing research projects.

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