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Simon Pek


Simon Pek is a fourth-year PhD Candidate in Business Administration at SFU’s Beedie School of Business. At the Beedie School of Business he has has taught Management Practices for Sustainability (BUS 489) and Human Resources Management (BUS 381), and will be teaching Managing People and Organizations (BUD 557) in Winter, 2017. Simon’s academic background is in Commerce and International Business and he has both domestic and international work experience in a variety of organizations, ranging from the Canadian Armed Forces to the LEGO Group.

As a Centre Scholar, Simon’s research focuses on understanding how organizations can embed sustainability into their culture and day-to-day operations. He studies micro and structural interventions that could help organizations operate in more environmentally-sustainable, responsible, inclusive, and democratic ways. He is currently in the process of completing his dissertation, which is based on a three-year qualitative study on a global organization’s sustainability-oriented culture change initiative.


Research Interests/ Research Profile

Refereed Journal Articles:

Pek, S. In Press. Rekindling union democracy through the use of sortition. Journal of Business Ethics.

Lyons, B., Pek, S., & Wessel, J. In press. Towards a” sunlit path”: Stigma identity management as a source of localized social change through interaction. Academy of Management Review.

Bertels, S., Howard-Grenville, J., & Pek, S. 2016. Cultural molding, shielding, and shoring at Oilco: The role of culture in the integration of routines. Organization Science, 27(3), 573-593.

Bertels, S., Cody, M., & Pek, S. 2014. A responsive approach to organizational misconduct: Rehabilitation, reintegration, and the reduction of re-offense. Business Ethics Quarterly. 24(3): 343-370.


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