Flat and Open: The Rise of Radical Transparency and De-structured Supervision in Contemporary Organizations.

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Technology firms such as Zappos have garnered extensive media coverage for “holocratic” or anti-hierarchical organizational structures. There are many other firms within emerging technology sectors but also traditional industries that are exploring non-standard organizational forms. What is all the buzz about and are these organizational forms here to stay or fanciful and temporary expressions of their entrepreneurial founders’ interests in breaking norms?
Friday, August 5th, 2016
11:00am – 12:00pm Presentation & QA
Followed by a light lunch
Segal Graduate School
500 Granville Street, Vancouver
Room 2800 (2nd floor)
Please contact beedie-events@sfu.ca

Mark Frein joined Return Path in 2013 as SVP, People to lead the development of Return Path’s organizational structure and culture as the company expands into new markets and regions.

As a founder and CEO of a prominent professional services consultancy specializing in organizational development, Mark has guided an array of successful companies, including his own, through the unique challenges presented by rapid growth and international expansion. His holistic approach to identifying and nurturing individual talent, building and strengthening teams, and designing management structures to create positive, high-performing environments will help Return Path maintain the identify and values that create a business advantage as we grow.

Mark holds an M.A. in Philosophy of Education and a Ph.D. in Education from the University of British Columbia.