Now is Your Time

Build connections across borders and give your education an international edge with an SFU Beedie Study Abroad program. Become a global thinker and benefit from first-hand experiences of different business practices, economies, and cultures.

Study abroad choices include full-time exchanges (1 to 3 terms abroad), short-term exchanges (4–8 weeks abroad) and specialized programs on campus and abroad.


Step out of the every day and study abroad with Simon Fraser University’s Beedie School of Business. Immerse yourself in another culture and learn to thrive in the global marketplace. Now is your time!


Study Abroad Opportunities

Want a long-term immersive experience? Or a shorter exchange to refresh your worldview? SFU Beedie programs offer different ways to advance your global perspectives.

More Affordable Than You Think

Explore all costs involved in your study abroad program as well as funding opportunities, financial aid, and resources to support your international learning experience.

Where Will You Go?

With over 45 partner institutions and 29 different countries to choose from - there are no limits to where your curiosity can take you.

Courses Working for You

Determine which courses and academic schedules will complement your chosen program and degree.

Life Abroad

Jean-Paul Morneau

Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria

"Whether it’s a brief conversation with a hostel mate you just met, or a classmate who is also on exchange, there are so many opportunities to socialize and get to meet new people."

Tom Kadota

Maastricht University School of Business and Economics, Netherlands

"Going to class with both local and fellow exchange students has changed my perspective on international knowledge and views."

Carlen Wong

National University of Singapore, Singapore

"While on exchange, I was able to get outside my comfort zone, experience different cultures, and meet so many new people around the world."

Cyrus Wong

Korea University Business School, Korea

"Only on exchange will you be able to discover your independence capacity. I’m confident that the skills I have gained from exchange will help me achieve my academic and career goals."


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