Exchange Partners

Beedie students who are interested in studying abroad have two options. If you are an approved BBA Major, you can select from Beedie’s list of Beedie Business Partners, which are business schools around the world that are part of the Beedie’s exchange program. You will have priority access to business courses at these schools. If you are not an approved BBA Major or if you prefer to attend a non–business program abroad, you can select from a list of Non–Business exchange destinations managed by SFU International Services for Students.

Beedie Business Partners

Beedie has partnered with over 45 top business schools globally to provide you with a world–class education. During your time abroad, you will continue to earn credit towards your BBA degree and while paying regular SFU tuition fees. Only approved Business Majors are eligible to select from the list of Beedie Business Partners.


North America

South America



Non–Business Exchange Destinations

SFU International Services of Students (ISS) offers a list of over 140 exchange destinations that are open to all SFU students.