Social Entrepreneurship Joint Semester

Looking for an international experience on campus? Passionate about Innovation and Entrepreneurship? Get a global experience right here at the SFU Burnaby Campus! Join us as we welcome visiting business students from the Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM) in Spring 2019.



About the Joint Semester in Social Entrepreneurship:

We are offering SFU students the opportunity to study with these visiting scholars in a joint semester focused on Social Entrepreneurship in Spring 2019. In this program you will receive course instruction from renowned instructors from both the Beedie School of Business and Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM).

In this one–of–a–kind program, you will learn how to become social entrepreneurs and act as change agents. You’ll develop innovative solutions to the social problems which you care most deeply about and implement those solutions over the span of the semester. Course elements will empower you with knowledge and hands–on training, and corporate visits will showcase how companies focused on social entrepreneurship seize opportunities to instigate positive social change.

About the Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM):

GEM holds a triple crown of business accreditations that distinguishes the world’s leading business schools and delivers 50 programs on 11 sites around the world. GEM has expertise in Management of Technology and Innovation and is a founding member of the innovation campus GIANT, which forges dynamic links between research and industry to foster the technological breakthroughs of the future.


BUS 314-3 - Resourcing New Ventures

Start-up and early-stage ventures have particular financial challenges associated with the uncertain and unproven nature of the project. This course analyzes how entrepreneurs and their financial backers can spot, create and manage value. Topics covered include opportunity recognition, cash flow forecasting, valuation methodologies, financial contracts, and careful negotiations.

BUS 443-3 - New Product Development and Design

Understand how to develop and launch new products that will be successful with customers. Students will learn to: identify product/service opportunities; generate and evaluate concepts; develop concepts into products; launch new products.

BUS 453-3 Sustainable Innovation

Challenges associated with continuing innovation are examined and students work to generate innovative solutions by challenging existing economic models. Students learn about sustainable opportunity, recognition, and screening, and understand how great ideas to 'save the plant' can get off the ground.

BUS 477-4 Start Up Experience

This experiential course will expose students to the planning and development process of creating a startup. Emphasis is placed on integrating and applying all of the foundational skills acquired in previous entrepreneurship and innovation classes in a real world setting.


Spring 2019

Program schedule:

To get an idea of the program click here to see the schedule of GEM 2018 program. 

*Please note that this calendar is a mere guideline and dates for 2019 program will be different. The 2019 program schedule will be uploaded at the end of October.

Eligibility and Application

  1. The program is open to ALL SFU students. Applicants must have a be in good academic standing and each application will be reviewed individually. Students must be able to enrol in BUS 314, BUS 443, BUS 453 and BUS 477. The Beedie School of Business is able to waive one course from the above if the student has already taken it, awarding BUS 4XX (I&E)- see the Study Abroad Advisor for more information.
  2. Shortlisted candidates may be required to attend an in-person interview and should be available during the first week of November.




Tuition and student fees due



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