Study Abroad Options

Full-Time Exchange

Spend one, two, or three semesters studying at an institution abroad, all while earning credit towards your BBA degree and paying regular SFU tuition and student fees. International exchange is a great opportunity to travel, gain a global business perspective, meet new friends, and experience a different culture.

Start planning your international exchange experience, click here for more information. Application deadlines are:

  • January 25 (for the following Summer, Fall, and Spring terms)
  • May 25 (for the remaining Spring spaces) of each year

Short–Term Exchanges (Summer)

A number of SFU’s partner exchange universities offer short-term exchange programs. Short-term exchange programs are similar to a mini-exchange with a duration of 4 weeks to 8 weeks. These programs combines academic coursework with cultural and local experiences. Students generally transfer back 3-9 SFU units. Summer exchange programs offer the ability to earn units towards your degree while still leaving some of your summer term free.

On-Campus Programs

Take advantage of global programs right here at the Burnaby campus at SFU! The Beedie School of Business offers programs in collaboration with our international Beedie Business Partners that allow you to further develop your global perspectives at SFU while earning credits towards your degree.

International Experiential Learning Certificate (IELC)

The International Experiential Learning Certificate provides Business Major and Business Joint Major students with broad exposure to the global environment within which modern business is conducted. The certificate is earned through a combination of international activities, language acquisition, and the study of a course related to the socio-economic and/or cultural environment in which the international activities will take place.