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Jack Austin Centre for Asia Pacific Business Studies

GSEM 2023 - Global Strategy and Emerging Markets Conference

7th Global Strategy and Emerging Markets Conference  & 8th Copenhagen OFDI Conference

Managing Sustainability, Green Transition, and Climate Change

The 2023 joint Global Strategy and Emerging Markets (GSEM) conference and Copenhagen Conference on Outward Investment from Emerging Economies (Cph OFDI) is organized by a consortium at Copenhagen Business School; Northeastern University, Center for Emerging Markets; University of Texas at Dallas, Center for Global Business; Cornell University, Emerging Markets Institute; and Simon Fraser University, Jack Austin Centre for Asia Pacific Business Studies.

The GSEM conference has been promoting research on global strategy and emerging markets since 2016, convening in Miami (2016), Boston (2017), Miami (2018), Dallas (2019), Ithaca (2020), and Vancouver (2022). The Cph OFDI conference has been held biennially at CBS since 2008, advancing research on outward investment from emerging economies (


The 2023 conference welcomes all papers related to the general conference themes of ‘global strategy and emerging markets’ and ‘outward investment from emerging economies’. We especially invite papers related to the special theme of ‘sustainability, green transition, and climate change’.

The conference provides a platform to bring together senior and junior scholars, doctoral students, practitioners, and policymakers in the fields of international business, business and politics, strategic management, international political economy, cross-cultural management, technology strategy, and global entrepreneurship with shared interests in global strategy, emerging economies, and emerging market multinationals.

The conference offers travel grants to three PhD students or postdocs, awarded on a competitive basis. Applicants can indicate in their submission if they wish to apply.

Key dates

  • Paper submission deadline: June 15, 2023
  • Notification of acceptance: July 1
  • Registration opens: July 1
  • Registration deadline: September 15
  • Conference dates: October 12-13, 2023

Conference format

The conference will feature research presentations, keynote speeches, and panels involving industry representatives, practitioners, and policymakers. The conference format is in-person attendance.

General theme

The global economy is facing profound challenges and transformations. The production, exchange, and valuation of assets across borders and regions are in a state of flux and the search for new sustainable modes of organization is intensifying. Traditional engines of economic growth and development are shifting, technology is penetrating more aspects of human life, and geopolitical tensions are driving global fragmentation, leading to shocks for firms and countries alike. Challenges are forcing managers and entrepreneurs to search for new, innovative business and governance strategies. How do firms respond to the new realities with heightened institutional complexities? Which global policies, regimes and governance structures can induce the desired responses?

Special theme

Developing and emerging economies are set to be among the worst affected by climate change and have most to gain from bold climate ambitions. They face several challenges caused by rapid economic development, including growing pollution levels and rising energy demand. Estimates of investment needs to meet net-zero emission targets vary widely but may amount to more than USD250 trillion. Especially in developing and emerging economies, the funding gap in clean energy investments is huge. Given the current context of public budget constraints, the private sector plays a critical role in achieving this goal.

Building support for the green transition requires policies targeting high-emission sectors and innovative collaboration models across public and private sectors to build and modernize sustainable infrastructure and systems. Business commitment will be critical to drive transformation by shifting traditional business models to more sustainable and green operations. Operating models need to be adapted to build carbon management capabilities including quantifying carbon generation, reducing carbon intensity, and effectively communicating with stakeholders. Additionally, there is a need to ensure that the depth and breadth across global supply chains are available to deliver the level of infrastructure and installations required for the clean energy transition.

The 2023 conference seeks to not only understand the impacts that these challenges have but also outline the private and public strategies that are needed to navigate this complex environment.


We invite scholars from all disciplines working on these topics to submit to the conference and especially encourage the submission of work by scholars residing in emerging economies. 

We welcome submissions of papers that do not exceed 40 pages, all inclusive, with double-spaced text following Academy of Management Journal guidelines.

Conference website: Please submit your paper to


The registration fee is differentiated according to country of employment and seniority:

  • High-income country (World Bank category): Regular, EUR 250; PhD student, EUR 150
  • Middle- or low-income country: Regular, EUR 150; PhD student, EUR 100

At least one author for an accepted paper must register to attend the conference.


Keynote speakers include: Lourdes Casanova, Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra, Mike Peng, Ravi Ramamurti, Daniel Shapiro.

Organizing Committee, Copenhagen Business School

Peter Gammeltoft, Michael W. Hansen, Bersant Hobdari, Bent Petersen, Jacobo Ramirez, Grazia Santangelo.

International Organizing Committee

Lourdes Casanova (Cornell University), Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra (Northeastern University), Jing Li (Simon Fraser University), Mike Peng (University of Texas at Dallas), Ravi Ramamurti (Northeastern University), Daniel Shapiro (Simon Fraser University).


Carlsberg Foundation
Ministry of Higher Education and Science
Otto Moensted Foundation
Society for the Advancement of Management Studies