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Today’s leaders are looking for a new playbook. The organization as an entity is dissolving—replaced by something far less tangible yet arguably more powerful. The workplace is becoming more mobile, cross-cultural, technological, and values-driven—shaped by a workforce with an unprecedented mindset.

People and organizations are coming together in new and creative ways to get the job done. But how do you drive such an effort forward? What are the strategic decisions that will lead an organization beyond expectations?

We may not know exactly what the future of work will look like, but we do know that our leadership will require solutions that reach far beyond the traditional boundaries of organizations, industries, and jurisdictions. Climate change does not stop at the border, nor do financial crises, oil disasters/water pollution, corruption, poverty, and homelessness.

At the same time, emerging social technologies and interconnectedness means businesses are under increasing scrutiny and being held accountable in a way never experienced before—the meaning of “stakeholders” is an ever-expanding concept.

Today’s business leaders must answer to questions that do not fit neatly into one compartment. Any one leader must hold a broad complement of proficiencies in entrepreneurial skills, innovation, cross-cultural diversity, social responsibility, sustainability, global mindset, and more. Executive Education programs reflect this by creatively merging disciplines and moving beyond the traditional business curriculum to help organizations build the leadership pipeline for these new realities.

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We believe that learning should create ripples across your organization. It should be felt in real and meaningful ways, within individual performance as well as the bottom line. To design such learning, we join in close dialogue with you and your organization to conduct a thorough opportunities assessment—identifying areas where an infusion of learning will create mission-critical gains. To assess whether there is a learning fit with your organization, contact us at 778-782-8711.



Explore fast-developing research and management practice hotspots in dialogue with experts from Beedie School of Business, and leave with practical ideas for your organization. Connect with professionals from diverse backgrounds yet intersecting interests. New sessions are always in development. Contact us with any ideas!

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