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A strong health system is never “business as usual”—it works ceaselessly to stay ahead of demographic shifts, emerging technology, the economy, and more.

Health is a global business with societal accountability. It calls for leadership, innovation, and inter-professional dialogue of the highest order. Above all, it requires the courage and creativity to inspire disruptive innovations—versatile and affordable solutions that improve health outcomes and put people first.

Many health professionals are stepping up to this greater calling. They need and want to learn beyond their health specialties—to enhance their leadership and management skills, and ultimately to help set the course for creative and responsive solutions that will advance the health of communities and countries. Executive Education specializes in designing such opportunities.

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For over a decade, we have been engaging with healthcare professionals and leaders from the manager, director, VP, and board director levels. Our clients have included major university teaching hospitals, regional health authorities, and Canadian faculties of medicine. They have partnered with us in designing opportunities such as the BC Children’s and Women’s Health Centre & UBC Department of Pediatrics Leadership Development Program, the Health Management Program (HMP), the Health Management and Leadership Intensive (HMLI), Leadership at the Pulse, and the General Practice Services Committee Leadership and Management Development Program. These learning opportunities have provided a rich learning environment for family medicine physicians, specialists, and inter-professional colleagues to explore the issues at the forefront of healthcare leadership and innovation.

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This foundational program expands leadership and management capacity in the context of the GPSC Primary Care Initiative, advancing new and innovative ideas to enhance Primary Care. The GPSC LMDP is a ten-day program delivered in five two-day modules, targeting Division of Family Practice Leads and other relevant stakeholder groups.


Kate Dilworth


“The opportunities for advancing health, discovery, and quality care will depend on an engaged and diverse set of leaders—leaders who embrace change, who have acquired the knowledge and skills necessary to respond to system pressures, and who have the vision and courage to set the course in advancing a sustainable, patient, and community-centric approach to health and healthcare. In short, the future of healthcare begins with the strength of its leadership.”

—Kate Dilworth, Executive in Residence / Adj. Prof.

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