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These days, the word “innovation” seems ubiquitous—diluting understanding of this essential art. True innovation emerges in many forms—from bold and unconventional solutions to subtle shifts that create infinite ripples. Innovation is rethinking. It’s about erasing the assumptions of what something should look like—whether products and services or business models and management styles. When everything becomes an option, technology becomes a collaborator, forever expanding the possibilities.

At Beedie, our partnerships and programs dedicated to technology and innovation are less so about the inventive and avant-garde, or just R&D. Rather, we believe in an intricate exploration of a technology and innovation mindset that is but one part of ongoing business success, and driven as much from within as by external forces. We focus on the critical ambidexterity of balancing the demands of the existing business while being open to all manner of possibilities.

At all levels, technology and innovation is as much about learning as unlearning —whether in a creativity workshop for your team or a dialogue about responding to disruptive technology.

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CIO Leadership Development Program

The role of the CIO is among the most dynamic in the enterprise, and you have decided to make it your challenge. To get there, you will need experience, contacts, and a broad technological and strategic perspective for real business transformation. You are focused on developing these skills, and are looking for a way to kick-start the learning. This program is designed to do just that by introducing you, the (future) CIO, to the key concepts and realities associated with CIO success.


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