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We believe in the global value of fostering sustainable practices and development in seemingly contradictory domains—confronting challenges, raising capacity, and devising alternative solutions.

We do this with a focus on the resources sector, in particular mining. The global landscape of the mining and minerals sector is shifting—with growing expectations for transparency, requests for broader inclusion of previously marginalized stakeholders in decision-making, and more responsible prospecting, exploration and mining practices. By responding to these challenges, resource firms could play an important collaborative role in sustainable economic growth, and could help stimulate long-term, sustainable livelihoods in the local communities where they operate.

Our programs and initiatives target a broad cross-sector group, including professionals from mining companies (majors/juniors, mining services) as well as government leaders, executives, NGOs, community leaders, investors, and entrepreneurs.

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For over ten years, we have delivered short courses and tailored corporate programs, up to Executive MBA-level, for leading global mining and natural resource firms. Through these initiatives, over 300 mining engineers and geologists have completed learning focused on sustainable mining practices—including environmental issues, stakeholder engagement, ethics, and innovation. We continue to grow our program portfolio for mining management, including the delivery of programs internationally with partners in China, India, Australia, and Peru.

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SFU and Beedie School of Business have a long history as convenors of multi-stakeholder initiatives. Objectives have ranged from future scenarios planning, to creating foundations for more effective leadership and management, to fostering agreements and relationship-building. The Responsible Minerals Sector Initiative (RMSI) is one such ongoing initiative housed at Beedie—convening key stakeholders from around the world in dialogues and projects for advancing responsibility and sustainability in the mineral sector.


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SFU, University of British Columbia, and École Polytechnique de Montréal have partnered and been selected by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) to set up the Canadian International Resources and Development Institute (CIRDI).

The Institute harnesses Canadian and world-class expertise in strengthening resource governance in developing countries, so that resource extraction (minerals, oil and gas) contributes to sustainable and equitable socio-economic development, and in particular to poverty reduction.

Through collaboration with in-country partners or participants, we  engage in capacity building in policy, legislation, regulatory development and implementation, learning and engagement, technical assistance, and applied research on leading practices for managing natural resources to advance economic and social development.

“[The Institute] highlights Simon Fraser University’s commitment to enhancing the social, economic, and environmental well-being of communities both locally and around the globe. Drawing upon our strengths in international governance, dialogue, and management, this new Institute will support the development of extractive resource governance processes that advance sustainable economic growth and poverty reduction in developing countries.”

—Andrew Petter, SFU President


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