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An SFU Beedie education is an academic and career pathway for curious, open-minded thinkers who are ready to challenge the status quo. Whether it’s a fast-paced career to keep you on your toes, or the chance to reimagine how the world perceives business, your dreams have a home here. Apply big-picture thinking to real-world business problems and dive deep into a program of learning that is relevant and personalized to you.

Join a supportive and collaborative community working to build a better world through better business. No matter what path you take, you’ll graduate with knowledge and experiences that signal you are agile, creative, and ready to lead.

Realize your academic and professional aspirations in a responsive and customized program. The BBA Major is grounded in the business theory, skills, and principles needed to tackle local and global challenges. Project-based learning, industry experience, and student-led opportunities turn knowledge into action. You’ll learn with professionals and academic experts in an immersive and collaborative environment, and graduate with the skills desired by employers.


The next chapter in your education is here. At SFU Beedie, we understand that students may be at different points in their academic careers. We welcome qualifying students with diverse experiences and non-traditional academic pursuits into our classrooms. If you have already completed a degree in a subject outside of Business Administration or Commerce (e.g. BBA, BComm, Business Major/Joint Major, MBA, etc), and are looking to gain a business perspective, please connect with one of our advisors.



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Student Life

You are trained to be efficient and given opportunities to develop your confidence when facing real-world challenges with tight deadlines and high stakes.

Lawrence Chau, BBA Alumnus

Fraser Heights Secondary

Class of 2014

Being an SFU Beedie student means striving to achieve personal and community goals while bringing value to others and working to become the best version of yourself.

Madeleine Cruz, BBA Alumnus

Heritage Woods Secondary

Class of 2014

SFU and the Beedie School of Business offer so many degree combinations that the door is always open for students to find what best aligns with their goals.

Calvin Cheng, BBA Alumnus

Burnaby North Secondary

Class of 2014

Being an SFU Beedie student means being involved and proactive, and taking any opportunity that comes your way.

Amy So, BBA Alumnus

David Thompson Secondary

Class of 2013

The community at SFU Beedie has been exceptional in providing opportunities to learn and develop my passions.

Matthew Chow, BBA Alumnus

David Thompson Secondary

Class of 2014