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Launch your career in just 16 months at Canada’s #1 comprehensive university. Located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, our full-time programs are designed to give you hands-on experience so you can gain in-demand business skills. At the culmination of the program, successful graduates can leverage the opportunity to apply for a post-graduate work permit of up to 3 years to live and work in Canada.

At SFU’s Beedie School of Business, we value international perspectives and have a focus on equity, diversity, and inclusion. Our students­–as well as our faculty and staff–represent a wide range of nationalities, languages and experiences. We’re also proud that we have one of the most gender-balanced MBA programs in the country, with a split of 48% male / 52% female.


Comprehensive university in Canada as voted by Maclean’s Magazine 14 out of the last 15 years


International students make up the Full-Time MBA cohort


Average Full-Time MBA cohort size


Female in the Full-Time MBA program


Employment rate (within 3 months of program completion)


Average salary increase seen from our Full-Time MBA graduates


Average MSc in Finance cohort size


of our MSc in Finance graduates secure employment within three months of program completion


of our MSc in Finance graduates stay and work in Canada


Value of student-run investment fund in CAD (as of December 31, 2022)

Graduate Programs

With a typical class size of 50 students, our Full-Time MBA allows you to build lifelong connections and gain real-world experience through a 4-month paid internship or international applied project.

To help with your career transition, the SFU Beedie Career Management Centre provides personalized career support throughout the program and beyond. More than 90% of our MBA students choose to stay in British Columbia after completing their degree.

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At SFU Beedie, it’s not all theory. Our Master of Science in Finance program hones your understanding of financial theory and well-developed quantitative and analytical skills outside the classroom through externships, case competitions, and more.

Get real-world experience by being a part of the Student Investment Advisory Service (SIAS) Fund and managing Canada’s largest student-run investment fund with a market value in excess of $20 million CAD (as of September 30, 2022).

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Welcome to Vancouver

Vancouver is regularly ranked as one of the best places to live in the world. Many international students are drawn to the natural beauty and diversity of Vancouver, as well as SFU Beedie’s world-class graduate programs. If you’re wondering whether Vancouver is the right city for your graduate studies or want to know more about moving to Canada and attending SFU Beedie, you can find your answers here.

Vancouver is home to a blend of Canada’s Indigenous communities, together with various religions, ethnicities and cultural groups from all over the world. This multiculturalism is a source of the city's strength, vitality and prosperity. Diversity continues into the lifestyles people enjoy here; there is a community and an activity for nearly everyone. Vancouver is welcoming to all walks of life.

Our full time 16-month consecutive MBA and MSc Finance programs are equivalent in duration to a two-year academic program. Programs with an official length of two or more years may be eligible for a three-year Post-Graduation Work Permit. Please note that in Canada, you are only allowed one post-graduation work permit in your lifetime. Learn more about post-graduation work permits and additional requirements.

Safe and livable

Often called one of the most livable cities in the world, Vancouver is accessible and safe.

We’re also renowned as one of Canada’s most walkable and cyclable cities. A network of walking and cycling routes connects green spaces and waterfront access to restaurants, shops and other amenities. Vancouver’s transit system makes it easy to get to campus and make your way around the city. And emergency paramedic, ambulance, fire and police services are readily available.


Our Canadian healthcare system is government-funded based on five principles: it’s universally available to citizens and permanent residents, accessible without any income barriers, comprehensive in the services it covers, publicly administered, and portable both inside and outside the country. All international students will be enrolled in a mandatory four-month primary International Medical Insurance plan and the plan’s costs will be automatically included in their tuition fees. International students are eligible for BC Medical Services Plan coverage.


Vancouver is very much a people city. You’ll find coffee and tea shops on almost every corner. Because the weather is relatively mild, we don’t hesitate to be outside, whether it’s walking or cycling. It’s often said that when you’re in Vancouver, you can go skiing in the morning and sailing in the afternoon. That’s because we’re close to both mountains and ocean, with every outdoor activity imaginable. Our arts and music scenes are active and varied.

The weather

Vancouver’s average temperature in the Summer is around 20 degrees Celsius, and it usually stays well above zero during the winter. Winters are generally wet and mild (good quality raingear is highly recommended), and Spring is usually warm. Summer and Fall are often spectacular, with only a few days of very hot weather.

Enjoying your free time

Downtown, you can enjoy world-class shopping. Anywhere in the city, you’ll find outstanding dining, from casual to formal, with a special focus on fusion cuisine, plus vegan and vegetarian specialty restaurants. There’s live entertainment (with a great street and market scene), sporting events, theatre, outdoor activities from mild to wild, spectacular sights and attractions, and much more. Go exploring or adventuring, thanks to our quick access to the Coast Mountains, Whistler Resort, Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast.

Career opportunities

In recent years, Vancouver has enjoyed the fastest growing economy in Canada. Our major sectors in industry and business include trade, film & tv, tech, tourism, natural resources and construction. Learn more about Vancouver’s top industries.


Our graduate residence

Graduate students can live and learn in the heart of Downtown Vancouver, at our own Charles Chang Innovation Centre. Learn more about this exceptional community.

Off-campus housing

Vancouver offers a variety of housing options including rooms, apartments, suites, houses and townhouses. It’s a good idea to arrive at least a few weeks before your term begins to find a suitable place to live, and to get settled.

Cost of living

It’s important to understand what your living costs will be and to create a budget before coming to Vancouver. Here are estimated living expenses to keep in mind as you create your budget.

Public Transit

TransLink provides extensive bus service, a passenger ferry service to the North Shore known as SeaBus, automated rapid transit called SkyTrain and the West Coast Express commuter rail service.

SkyTrain is inexpensive, ecologically friendly and highly reliable. Regular service runs daily from 5am to 2am, with a reduced schedule overnight. SkyTrain has four main lines that are connected to bus lines:

Please Note: All SFU students are provided with a transit pass as part of their tuition fees.


Most banks in Canada offer options and/or discounts to students for opening a bank account. Please keep in mind that each bank is different, and that a student’s eligibility to open a bank account may be dependent on his or her circumstances. To open a bank account in Canada, an international graduate student will need:

  • A valid passport
  • Your SFU Student ID Card
  • Proof of registration at SFU
  • Canadian home address (a phone bill, a rental agreement contract)
  • Your study permit

In order to study in Canada, please ensure that you’ve applied for a study permit well in advance of your term. For study permit information, visit the Government of Canada website and SFU’s International Services for Students International Student Advising team’s website.

Student Services

If you have any questions or concerns regarding study permits or visas, please contact SFU’s Beedie’s International Services for Students International Student Advising team by emailing or by phoning 778-782-4232. More information can be found on their contact page here.

More Information

  • We recommend that you apply for your study permit well before the expected processing time. There is no guarantee of approval when applying for a study permit and processing times change often. Allow yourself time to reapply if necessary.
  • We encourage all international students to book a free in-person, phone or virtual appointment with an International Student Advisor, Immigration Specialist at SFU International Services for Students. You may reach them by email at or call 778-782-4232. International student advisors can assist with non-academic questions relating to Canadian immigration documents and regulations (e.g. study permit, visa, work eligibility in Canada, enrollment requirements for SFU international students, etc.), medical insurance and the healthcare system in Canada, and provide intercultural transition support and referrals as needed.
  • Finally, review this welcome guide to prepare yourself for your arrival in Canada. Check in with us or an International Student Advisor, Immigration Specialist if you have any questions.

Student life

My key lessons from the program were learning how to effectively frame and structure a problem or situation, manage a tight schedule, know what to prioritize and how to prioritize it, and identify core problems quickly and addressing them.

Bobbie Dhillon, EMBA

Senior Vice President, Marketing & Planning

G&F Financial Group

The comprehensive simulations provided the greatest learning for me. They helped change my mindset and connect the different areas of learning into a comprehensive view of how an organization runs.

Matthew Grunert, MOT MBA

Sr. Director, Digital Operations & IT

Motorola Solutions

The MSc Finance program gave me the technical foundation that I couldn’t function without. I work with clients in very senior roles, and it’s important to demonstrate your technical knowledge to gain their trust.

Christine Jakshoej Sangha, MScFin

VP of Customer Success - Capital Markets


The immediate impact of the GDBA has been a change in the way I approach my day professionally. I am equipped to make better decisions. My confidence level has been elevated significantly, and I am enjoying a new sense of optimism in my career.

Percival Chang, GDBA

Manager & Investment Funds Advisor

PH&N Investment Services

I always saw myself working beyond clinical pharmacy. I felt that I could also shine on the business side of healthcare. I knew that with my strong clinical training an MBA would help open more doors and give me the mobility I was looking for in my career.

Morenike Akinyemi, FT MBA

Senior Project Manager, Transformation Delivery

Provincial Health Services Authority

The Part-Time MBA was excellent. It gave me exactly what I expected to receive, and I think that is the highest compliment you can pay a program. It met all my expectations and provided a solid grounding in business skills and strategies.

Oliver Zihlmann, PT MBA

Director of Development and Alumni Engagement

UBC Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

The i2I program is perfect for people like me who are deeply involved in science, and who want to look for opportunities in the business world. A program like this opens your mind and teaches you that there is another world of possibilities outside of the lab.

Elena Groppa, i2I

Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Faculty of Medicine

University of British Columbia Biomedical Research Centre

EMBA: Bobbie

MOT MBA: Matthew Grunnert

MSc Fin: Christine

GDBA: Percival

FT MBA: Morenike

PT MBA: Oliver

i2I: Elena