Career Enhancement

Enhance your career

Building a career isn’t a sprint; it’s a marathon. Whatever your background, the GDBA gives you space to build the solid foundation on which a successful career depends. The GDBA can enhance your career in a number of different ways.


Alumni Testimonial: Test-driving graduate business education

  • Develop core business skills, and demonstrate to future employers that you can be successful in a local business context.
  • Move directly from the GDBA to an MBA through one of three MBA pathways.
  • Try out graduate-level business education to see if you like it.
  • Earn a valuable standalone qualification that signals to the world your ability to be successful in graduate business courses.

Career services

Whether you have a clear goal, a more general idea of what you want to achieve, or are using your time as a student to explore career opportunities, you will enjoy access to the same online resources our other graduate students use.

These resources include:

  • access to a Beedie specific job board with more than 2,000 jobs posted annually
  • online career resources designed specifically for business students (including career guides, self-assessment tools, writing effective resumes & cover letters, interview & job search strategies )