MBA Pathways

Your MBA could start here

Many Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (GDBA) students use the program as a great way to start their SFU Beedie Full-Time MBA, Part-Time MBA or MOT MBA. If an MBA isn't your goal, many students find that what they learn in the program meets their current needs. And in the future, the door to an MBA is always open.

Many students move directly from the GDBA to the MBA, and we typically waive the GMAT for students who have achieved high marks on their GDBA course work.


Credit transfer to MBA

Why choose the GDBA route?

There are many reasons for entering an MBA this way, rather than jumping straight into a more intensive program.

Get a head start on your MBA program

You can transfer most GDBA courses for advance credit in your MBA.

Maintain work/life balance

The GDBA’s online format lets you ramp into your MBA. You’ll acquire business experience as you learn the foundational course, and move into the MBA when you are ready.

Test the waters

The GDBA lets you try out graduate business education before committing to an MBA.

Improve your grades

Your undergraduate grades may not reflect your potential as a mature student. You can use the GDBA to improve your grade point average to qualify for admission into an MBA or other graduate program.

Which MBA is for you?

During the GDBA orientation, you will create a customized study plan that can be adjusted as you progress through the program. This ensures you take the best courses to meet your personal goals, especially if a goal is to enter one of our three MBAs.

Full-Time MBA

In the Full-Time MBA our applied approach to learning combines theory with application to provide students with a strong foundation in the fundamentals of business, such as finance, marketing and managing people.

The Full-Time MBA pathway is especially suitable for people who:

  • want to limit the amount of time they take off work to study for an MBA, reducing the “opportunity cost” of the MBA by limiting time out of the workforce
  • are able to commit to full-time study, perhaps as part of a career transition
  • want to make use of their time in the GDBA to grow into their role at work, acquiring more experience before completing the Full-Time MBA

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Management of Technology (MOT) MBA

Our MOT MBA program immerses students in a business curriculum tailored to the technology sector. This unique, part-time program prepares high potential technology industry professionals to handle the business problems faced by their companies.

The MOT MBA pathway is especially suitable for people who:

  • are experienced technology leaders or are transitioning into a tech leadership role, with growing responsibilities for managing people, projects or budgets
  • have a passion for technology and a desire to solve complex problems in innovative ways
  • are looking for a part-time MBA with a technology focus

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Part-time MBA

Our Part-Time MBA is designed for working professionals, enabling students to apply what they learn in class at work the next day. It’s a transformative experience that prepares you to succeed in roles that require knowledge and decision-making across the functional areas of business, and the ability to adapt to a changing environment.

The GDBA pathway into the Part-Time MBA is especially suitable for people who:

  • have limited time due to family, work and other commitments
  • want to complete the Part-Time MBA at a more measured pace, by splitting the workload over four rather than two years
  • want to acquire additional management experience before starting the Part-Time MBA

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