Americas Curriculum

Starting in Vancouver, Canada and ending in Nashville, USA, each school offers programming that draws on its core strengths. There is an applied client project spanning all residencies.

August: SFU Beedie, Vancouver, Canada

Global Strategy

Examine elements of strategic thinking, strategic analysis, the tasks and processes associated with strategy formulation and implementation, and the implications of aligning operations and culture of an enterprise to match the requirements of its strategy in a global context.

Cross-Cultural Management

Develop the cultural intelligence needed when dealing with a global business environment through exposure to the dilemmas and opportunities that arise within international and multicultural work environments.

October: FIA Business School, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

Understand the rationale and concepts supporting a “triple bottom line“ approach to measuring the firm’s results, and gain insights into the challenges and approaches to mobilizing for change and interacting with stakeholders to develop sustainable business practices.

Emerging Markets

Gain an understanding of the challenges and practices in developing products, services and business models to cater to the needs of dynamic emerging markets.

January: ITAM, Mexico City, Mexico

International Competitiveness

Learn about the driving factors behind different levels of competitiveness, and clarify the interaction between these different levels.

Family Business

Family-controlled private and public companies are the dominant form of enterprise worldwide. Learn about the challenges facing family firms which are also valuable business opportunities for both executives and competing family and non-family firms.

April: Vanderbilt University, Nashville, USA

Creating and Launching New Ventures

Examine the planning, funding and post-funding stages of new ventures—from refining the business plan to getting up and running.

Leading a Global Innovation Strategy

Get a framework for understanding how individuals and organizations sabotage their own best intentions to encourage creativity and “outside the box” thinking.