Benefits for your company

More than 75% of our students receive sponsorship in some form from their employers. It makes good business sense. The program is not training designed to overcome a short-term problem or provide a quick fix solution; it’s an investment in the future.

Why support your employee’s EMBA program?

Nurture high performers
By nurturing your existing high performers, you provide them with the cross functional knowledge enabling them to excel in their current role and move into their next.
Retain the best talent
By demonstrating a willingness to invest in your employee’s future, you encourage them to stay with your organization for the long-term. You receive the benefit of a loyal, highly trained employee equipped with knowledge of new management techniques and strategies.
Get an instant return on investment
Your employee will learn skills, principles and best practices they can take from the classroom and apply to their day-to-day business operations. Many assignments are tied directly to your organization and industry, meaning your organization benefits from a number of brilliant business minds.

What does sponsorship involve?

Organizations supporting participants in the program typically agree to:

  • Provide their employee with work hour flexibility so that they can attend full day classes every other Friday and Saturday (six - seven times each semester).
  • Provide opportunities for their employee to apply learning to real projects within the organization during the course of the program.
  • Provide monetary support for all or part of the tuition.

Why the SFU EMBA?

  • The Beedie School of Business at Simon Fraser University is home to Canada’s first Executive MBA program, established in 1968.
  • EMBA students engage with some of the nation’s top faculty, as well as working with other experienced business minds from a variety of functions and industries in their fellow students.
  • Students practice making decisions on real-world problems, enabling them to almost immediately apply what they learn in the classroom to their role.
  • We know that most people learn best when they are engaged with their classmates, so we keep class sizes small.

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