About the Program

The SFU Beedie Management of Technology MBA (MOT MBA) is the first of its kind in Canada, with a curriculum developed in partnership with industry leaders. The MOT MBA prepares professionals with a deep interest in technology to graduate into leadership roles in a variety of sectors.

Where technology meets business

The 24-month, part-time MOT MBA lives at the intersection of technology and business. It delivers the broad-based business education of an MBA with a focus on technology management, problem solving, and leadership. We bring the theory to life using a strongly applied approach. You’ll also learn how to:

  • use customer-based research to inform product development strategy and processes
  • develop project and people management skills
  • use financial analysis to make the business case for your projects
  • understand cultural differences and other global business challenges.
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MOT MBA graduate Matt Tomporowski of digital product design firm Assembly Co. talks about learning project management process innovation at Beedie.

Learn from professionals

One reason many students choose the MOT MBA is our faculty members. They are all experienced practitioners and teachers, as well as internationally respected researchers. From chartered engineers to innovators working with early stage technology firms, their long, diverse career backgrounds enable them to bring theory to life. And the small class size lets them get to know you and deliver a more personalized learning experience.

Meet our faculty

Your first few weeks are going to be exciting and busy with lots of change. To ease your transition into university life at the Beedie School of Business, all new students are encouraged to get connected and involved early. Check out the resource guide below for three helpful tips for a successful first term and beyond:

1) Stay Informed

BBA Portals & Newsletters

Keep up-to-date with what is happening in Beedie! There's a lot of information to be aware of as you navigate your degree. From program changes, to important academic dates, announcements and opportunities, keep informed through:

Work while you study

We designed the curriculum to let you apply what you learn as you move through the part-time program. Starting in September, classes take place on Monday and Thursday evenings. There are also plenty of networking events and a study trip to Vancouver or another tech hub. All classes take place at the Segal Graduate School of Business in Downtown Vancouver.

Explore the learning experience

MOT MBA Graduate Madhvi Ramnial of energy consulting firm Powertech talks about learning at Beedie while working at her job.

Learn with a small cohort

You will study with a cohort of just 45 students drawn from a variety of industries and functional roles. You’ll attend every class with the same people, working in teams with engineers, scientists, clean energy professionals, arts graduates, entrepreneurs, and others. Everyone participates and learns from one another.

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There’s no better place… or time

BC is one of the world’s top technology hubs. It’s home to more than 9,000 tech companies—from small start-ups, to local success stories like Hootsuite, to global giants like Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon. There is also an enormous start-up culture and support network, including finance and skills support. The BC tech sector generates over $23 billion in revenues annually and has doubled in size since 2002, meaning now is the ideal time to develop your career in tech.

Career Development Support

Are you the right fit?

Science and innovation have taken you this far, but what's your next move? You might understand scientific data or how to engineer an exciting new product, but do you know its profit potential or its market acceptance? If you want to understand how to get from design concept to the bottom line, you need to master the fundamentals and the language of business.

We're looking for people who want to learn how to:
  • understand finance, strategy, and marketing as they are practiced in technology-driven companies
  • command the attention of CEOs, investors, clients, and others who may not share your technology background
  • prepare well-researched, persuasive business plans and build solid business cases
  • broaden your horizons beyond your own professional field to increase your expertise
The MOT MBA prepares you for all this.
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