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New Perspectives in Project Management

Apr 07, 2008

Project managers who are wondering Does Size Really Matter? or Do Women Perform Better than Men? can find the answers at PMPerspectives.org – a new website featuring short, interesting articles about the latest research in project management.

Launched by SFU Business professors Blaize Horner Reich and Andrew Gemino in collaboration with Chris Sauer of Saïd Business School at Oxford University, UK., the site is a research forum where the trio can disseminate their research findings in lay language and, at the same time, offer a communication channel between project managers and project management researchers. Visitors are encouraged to contribute comments and participate in discussions about research and practice.

“Our mission is to understand and improve project management practices,” says Reich, who along with Gemino and Sauer, has spent the past five years steeped in project management surveys and research.

The site is sponsored by an outreach grant under the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council’s Initiatives for the New Economy program. Visit www.pmperspectives.org

For more information about Dr. Reich’s research, please follow this link.
For more information about Dr. Gemino’s research, please follow this link.