Microsoft Imagine

WARNING: Microsoft has sent out a notice about phishing attempts sent out to spoof a MSDNAA login error. Please be careful reading any messages about your Microsoft account. More info here.

The Microsoft Imagine (AKA Dreamspark, AKA MSDNAA) software library is maintained for the benefit of Beedie Business School faculty and students. The software is hosted on a server that requires you to have a valid SFU computing ID and be on a list of users that are eligible to download the software. The software is for faculty and students to use while they are enrolled in or teaching Beedie Business School courses. Once you are no longer a student nor an instructor in a Beedie Business School course, all software licenses are void. Users are expected to remove, uninstall and otherwise dispose of the software at this point.
Having trouble logging on to the Microsoft Imagine website? Students: please contact your Beedie Business School faculty member to report an issue, as you likely aren't on the correct mailing lists. Faculty members: please contact the Beedie Business School help desk at for assistance.
Software downloaded from the Microsoft Imagine website can not be used for University business, operations or commercial purposes. It is solely for instruction, learning, development and non-commercial research purposes.
Software obtained by one student MAY NOT to be shared with others. Software packages require activation and are monitored. Failed activations are logged and reported. Users with failed activations risk having their accounts disabled permanently. Do not risk losing your software by sharing it.
It is IMPORTANT to note that the software downloaded from the Beedie Business School Microsoft Imagine site is NOT supported by the Beedie Business School IT Support. Operating systems, therefore, should not be installed on production machines that the Beedie Business School supports. If you require software on a currently supported machine please check with your local IT staff.

Please talk to your departmental assistant if you feel your school has a similar program in place.

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