RADIUS™, RADIcal Ideas, Useful to Society, is a social innovation lab and venture incubator housed at the Beedie School of Business. RADIUS is passionate about finding innovation solutions to pressing social problems, nurturing young leaders capable of tackling an increasingly complex set of local and global challenges, and rethinking the potential for business and business education to be a powerful contributor to a better world.

Embedding Project

The Embedding Project is a collaboration between leading global researchers in the area of embedding sustainability and a set of leading global firms undertaking pioneering work on embedding sustainability led by Dr. Stephanie Bertels.

At the heart of the project sits a framework for Embedding Sustainability that allows companies to assess their efforts and benchmark themselves against their peers. The Embedding Project also facilitates the exchange of cutting edge knowledge by bringing together an international community of practitioners facilitated and supported by researchers to enable the gathering and analysis of rich data on the practices and processes of embedding as well as co-creating a set of rigorously derived, yet practically relevant tools such as guidebooks, workbooks, self-assessments, workshops and webinars.

Co-Laboratorio Project (Co-Lab)

The Co-Laboratorio Project (Co-Lab), led by Dr. Kristina Henriksson and Dr. June Francis, conducts applied research on inclusive sustainable development from natural resources through advancing cross-sector collaborative learning, planning, governance and practices—for more resilient solutions. In collaboration with partners in industry, government, civil society and local communities, research is being done on topics including Digital Innovation, EIAs and Participation; Women Leadership and Inclusive Governance; Social investments Strategies and CSR Industry Practice; and Measuring Value for Systems Change in Global Natural Resources Contexts.

The Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative

The Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative (GRLI) is a global network of companies and learning institutions focused on developing the next generation of globally responsible leaders through action and learning.

The GRLI engages in thought leadership, advocacy and projects to achieve measurable impact. The Initiative was founded in 2004 by EFMD and the UN Global Compact.

Beedie School of Business, together with its corporate partner, Teck Resources, joined the initiative in 2011. Through GRLI participation, we explore and implement curriculum change, learning and management development InitiativesH, and research activities – linked to globally responsible leadership and management practices and the Principles for Responsible Management Education.

Today the GRLI has more than 50 partner organizations. It has set a limit of 120 partners for the years to come in order to remain a fully integrated and action oriented global network, and to fulfil its unique role as a leading global catalyst for key challenges and future demands regarding how to develop a next generation of globally responsible leaders.