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Bryant Cooper

Why did you decide to pursue an MBA and what drew you to the SFU Beedie School of Business?

I chose SFU Beedie because of the diversity within the cohorts. I find it personally valuable to be surrounded by people of diverse backgrounds and experiences, so I wanted an MBA program that is representative of these values. My SFU cohort is extremely diverse – I can count 14 different countries represented and countless professional experiences. Learning from the experiences of my classmates enriches my classes and group work.

What has been your favourite moment or experience at Beedie so far? What are you looking forward to?

My favourite moment so far was my first day of class. The MBA program kicks off with Leadership – and the entire class focused on breaking down the idea that there is an exact formula to become a leader. It was such a refreshing perspective on the idea of business and leadership in general and it set a great tone for the entire program ahead. I’m looking forward to the classes centered around business in Indigenous environments. It’s an important component of doing business in Canada today and I’m very happy that SFU Beedie offers these courses to MBA students.

How would you describe SFU Beedie’s culture?

Beedie’s culture is engaging. Every class and co-curricular is focused on getting students involved, which helps us look beyond the textbook and asks us to apply the material to real-life scenarios. It’s hard work, but I believe that this culture of engagement creates better business leaders.