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Timothy Lau

Why did you decide to pursue an MBA and what drew you to the SFU Beedie School of Business?

As a clinician at a hospital, I found it difficult to seek new challenges and responsibilities that would enhance my leadership and management potential. An MBA would provide me with the tools, knowledge, and network to take my career to the next level. After researching multiple MBA programs, I prioritized SFU Beedie as my school of choice. The diverse, small, intimate, and gender balanced cohort situated in the heart of a beautiful and thriving city is the perfect learning environment. Further, I was drawn to the SFU MBA curriculum that expands beyond business, delivering courses on Indigenous communities, sustainability, and an international applied project.

What has been your favourite moment or experience at Beedie so far? What are you looking forward to?

Working and interacting with my classmates has been the most memorable experience so far. There is so much to learn from each and every individual, and working in teams allows everyone’s strengths to shine through. When we are not doing school work, it has been a pleasure exploring the city, including the North Shore mountains, with everyone as we grow from classmates to friends. I look forward to continuing to work alongside my friends in case competitions and throughout the various courses where we can each bring our own unique skills and experiences to the table.

How would you describe SFU Beedie’s culture?

SFU Beedie’s culture is extremely welcoming and down-to-earth. Since day one, I have felt the continual support from the staff and professors to help us get acclimatized to a new environment. I have never experienced any judgement nor elitism from anybody despite my relative unfamiliarity to business. This cultural effect extends to the student body, and this makes SFU Beedie an excellent and conducive place for learning, growing, and having fun.