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Finding, retaining, and developing high-performing and engaged employees is a strategic imperative for today’s organizations.

We are committed to working with you to ensure that you connect with the right students and alumni from our undergraduate and graduate business programs. We’ll help you enhance your company brand on campus, and we'll facilitate the recruitment process. Our goal is to ensure that your on-campus recruitment experience is seamless, well-executed, and gets you results.

We also believe that what you give, you get back more in return. Sharing your knowledge and expertise to our students opens them up to new experiences and challenges which can benefit their careers long after they have graduated.

Here are a few opportunities where we can work together.

Whatever your hiring needs, we can help. From undergraduate co-op students to MBA interns to experienced executives, we have the talent. With personalized recruiting help from our Career Management Centre, we make it easy to find you the perfect fit.

  • Post a Job - We offer two free job boards on our online portal, Beedie Commmunity – one for entry-level positions and one for positions requiring experience. Post your full-time, part-time, long-term, and short-term opportunities to reach both our current students and alumni.
  • MBA Internships - Each fall, MBA students are available for a four-month (or longer) full-time internship. Compensation is based on market rates, dependent on project scope and complexity, and negotiated between you and your intern. Learn more
  • BBA Internships - Our undergraduate students are always seeking opportunities to gain experience while completing their degree. Employers may post BBA-level internships (unpaid with not-for-profit organizations, or paid, part-time opportunities up to 420 hours) through Beedie Community.
  • Cooperative Education - Help cultivate a future business leader. SFU Beedie Co-op work terms are full-time, paid employment that run four to eight months starting every January, May and September.

To recruit students from other SFU faculties, please contact SFU's Career and Volunteer Services Centre.

On campus or off, there are many ways to connect with our students in person. In fact, many employers have found these opportunities to be the best for bringing quality leads.

  • On-Campus Interviews - Interview our students at one of our three campuses. To streamline your recruitment process, we’ll provide the facilities, schedule interviews and take care of many of the details at no charge.
  • Recruitment Fairs - Book an exhibitor table and connect with our students from all years and disciplines. Showcase your brand by sponsoring one of these events.
  • Company Information Sessions - Invite colleagues from across your organization, including those who are SFU Beedie alumni, and give students an insider's view into your organization's culture, career opportunities, and hiring process. Sessions are subject to room reservation and catering charges.
  • Company Site Visits -  Invite a small, targeted group of students to your company headquarters or facilities to give students a glimpse of what it would look like to work at your organization.

To learn more about these opportunities, contact us at

When you get involved with SFU Beedie students, you can dramatically impact careers. Theirs certainly, but likely yours as well. Sometimes it’s hard to tell who inspires whom more. Whether you work with a mentee or give a guest lecture in one of our classes, there are countless ways for you to share your experience and expertise.

  • Mentors in Business - Share your knowledge while also growing as a leader and coach. Meet with an undergraduate or graduate-level mentee once a month over the course of six months. It might just shift your perspective.
  • Speak on Campus - Share your expertise with a group of 12 to 150 students at a career panel, industry spotlight, student club event or even during an actual class.
  • Informational Interviews - Short and simple informational interviews give students valuable insight into what it really takes to develop a career like yours. Have 20-30 minutes to give?
  • Mock Interviews - Help students prepare for the real thing! Interviewing is a skill that gets better with practice. Half-day or full-day opportunities are available to help students hone their interviewing skills.
  • Mock Networking -  Get a sneak peek at our emerging talent while giving our students the invaluable opportunity to hone their networking skills during one of our many events – everything from our undergraduates’ Personal Branding Day to the Graduate Women’s Council’s executive dinner series.
  • Externships - Designed to give international graduate students a glimpse into local workplace culture, these one-week, full-time job shadowing opportunities can infuse your workplace with fresh perspectives from these diverse and highly engaged students. For more information, download our Employer Information Sheet
 To learn more about involvement opportunities, visit Beedie Community
  • Classroom-based Projects - Put our students’ minds to work on your business challenge. Our instructors are occasionally looking for real-world case studies to incorporate into our programs. In our Executive MBA program, for example, students work in teams over an eight-month period to produce client consulting reports for international companies. Once you’ve built your brand on campus, we would be happy to contact you if we have a project that would be a fit for your organization.
  • Case Competitions - During case competitions, our students tackle real world business problems in a short period of time, honing their strategic thinking and presentation skills as they go. By offering your input – or even sharing a particular business challenge you’re facing – you can see their analyses in action.