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These MBA students are ready to work. Meet the strategic and enthusiastic problem solvers eager to help deliver the change you want to see in your business. Equipped with cutting-edge industry knowledge and an average of five years of work experience, MBA interns tackle projects, optimize processes and provide the business intelligence you need to make winning decisions.

Mingdi Deng

Accounting | Finance | Risk Management

Consultant on risk transformation (internal audit) and fund accounting in mutual funds. ACCA member (the UK equivalent of the CPA designation).

Xintu Zhong

Accounting | Financial Analyst | Consulting

Assistant manager of audit and special projects for commercial banks and financial institutions. Passionate about providing insightful recommendations for business success.

Bhavya Singh

Business Analytics | Product Management | Business Technology

Business analyst experienced in agile environment working for a SaaS B2B product. Passionate about product management and equipped with strong communication and business analysis skills.

Hans Rojas

Business Analytics | Marketing | Product Management

Aspiring leader and team player with engineering background and over ten years of experience in marketing, sales and business intelligence in the manufacturing, pharmaceutical and banking sectors. Passionate about discovering innovative solutions to problems and challenges.

Aiman Adelshiyeva

Business Development | Consulting | Innovation

Business Developer of partner organizations that sell telecommunication technology. Dedicated to developing and maintaining over 300 business partnerships in 5 countries, driving organization's transformation journey.

Christo Jansen van Vuuren

Business Development | Strategic Planning

Strategic, target-driven Sales and Operations Manager with a strong focus on real estate developments, sales team management, talent acquisition, and project management.

Ka Po (Kelly) Woo

Business Development | Strategic Planning | Business Analytics

Commercial real estate manager that oversaw 5 shopping malls with over 400,000 sq. ft. floor area and total annual rental income over $42 million.

Michael Campbell

Business Technology | Consulting | Business Analytics

Experienced technical consultant with exposure to financial software as a service (SAS). Looking for a product manager role in the high-tech space.

Rami Abu-Awwad

Business Technology | Product Management | Project Management

Mechatronics engineer with experience in the manufacturing and construction industries bringing/implementing technologies to improve processes.

Janelle Simon

Consulting | Project Management

Technical oil and gas consultant with 14 years of international experience. Keen on pivoting to a management consulting role.

Karandip Sahota

Consulting | Strategic Planning | Risk Management

Doctor with a degree in medicine and clinical experience in North America. Looking for roles in the healthcare industry.

Mehdi Safaeian

Consulting | Project Management | Business Development

Creative problem solver eager for consulting, program management, and strategic planning for growth. Experienced in delivering new business opportunities worldwide in the Automotive sector.

Paola Lashley

Consulting | Strategic Planning | Entrepreneurship

Passionate about business consulting and helping firms succeed through effective strategic planning.

Aparajita Sharma

Equity Research | Investment Banking | Finance Consulting

Equity Research Analyst at UBS Investment Bank covering ASEAN Banking with extensive coverage of 30 stocks. Looking forward to leveraging my skills in Financial Services sector in Canada.

Ravijot Kaur

Human Resources | Consulting | Sustainability

Instructional designer, journalist and entrepreneur with leading global firms. Interested in problem-solving, assessing, communicating effectively, and paying attention to details in L&D, Human Resources.

Carlos López Sandoval

Marketing | Project Management | Strategic Planning

Project manager and sales and marketing enthusiast in organizations involved in community engagement, small business development, entrepreneurial support, and business education.

Chinomso Onuoha

Marketing | Product Management | Project Management

Brand development and sales expert in fast-moving consumer goods and technology firms. I am passionate about helping firms increase consumer engagement through marketing and sales efforts.

Gloria Li

Marketing | Project Management | Business Analytics

Creative, results-driven marketing manager with four years of experience leading marketing events and social media promotions in the real estate industry. A multi-tasker with a desire to learn new things.

Lijin Shi

Marketing | Entrepreneurship | Operations

Entrepreneur with experience in service development and project management. Marketing specialist with strong experience in retail, strategic planning and pricing structures.

Reynald Endaya

Marketing | Product Management | Strategic Planning

Almost six years of work experience in Sales and Marketing in the leading automotive industry in the Philippines. Managed dealership's product training and salesforce development.

Vedangi Ruikar

Marketing | Consulting | Business Technology

Product marketing specialist for SaaS with expertise in technical communication and user experience. Passionate about technological penetration in every aspect of business.

Yvonne Edionseri

Marketing | Strategic Planning | Innovation

Brand and marketing professional specializing in brand strategy, sales engagement, customer need assessments, marketing and corporate communications. Passionate about building brands that resonate with customers.

Liz Macey

Operations | Project Management | Business Development

Educator and cross functional team leader with experience in aviation operations and project management.

Mike Winiski

Operations | Logistics | Project Management

Operations and logistics professional with over 15 years of management experience in vessel and rail transportation, labour relations, and project management.

Satyajeet Chouhan

Operations | Project Management | Logistics

Passionate about enterprising for Canadian companies with my diverse work experience in operations, project consultancy, and international sales & logistics. Interested in operations, process improvement, lean management, business development, and project management.

Laili Qiyam

Operations | Strategic Planning | Project Management

Passionate about healthcare operations, supply chain, and administration. Aspire to leadership roles in Biotech organizations and public administration.

Emmanuel Naidoo

Operations | Project Management | Supply Chain

MBA with 29 years experience in the ICT sector in Operations, Project Management and Partner Relationship management.

Aditya Vaidya

Product Management | Strategic Planning | Marketing

Product Marketing Specialist with 6 years of experience in the Technology & Finance space in Asia. Passionate about innovative Tech products and services.

Akash Aggarwal

Project Management | Product Management | Business Analytics

Change management and technology enthusiast with 3 years experience in project management, agile, software development, data, and business analytics.

Anja Schumacher

Project Management | Marketing | Business Development

Marketing Project Manager with experience across different industries, digital projects and project management tools. International work experience in various global agencies including clients like Microsoft.

Jorge Rueda

Project Management | Strategic Planning | Operations

Automation Engineer oriented to industrial and specialized HVAC systems; active participant in both commercial and strategic teams.

David Whiffin

Strategic Planning | Consulting | Sustainability

Former Motorsport Engineer and Technical Manager with a passion for helping organizations change and pivot toward a more sustainable future.

Emma Langlois

Strategic Planning | Human Resources | Sustainability

Experienced in the non-profit sector, including alumni engagement, staff training, strategic planning, marketing, and overseeing operations. Passionate about bringing people together.

Johanna Ferguson

Strategic Planning | Consulting | Business Analytics

Project manager in a variety of mining settings from green fields exploration to large-scale producing mines. Driven to optimize mining companies in achieving safe and sustainable production.

Yash Mehta

Strategic Planning | Consulting | Entrepreneurship

Associate with industry experience in investment research and development sectors. Passionate about helping institutions drive capital into high-impact organizations.

Marios Mantzourogiannis

Sustainability | Project Management | Operations

Well-rounded manager with successful track record in Project & Business Management, leading high-performing multicultural teams. Passionate about driving transformational changes for achieving ambitious sustainability goals.

Ruben Munoz

Sustainability | Business Analytics | Operations

Multidisciplinary leader with strong analytical and restorative capabilities acquired from 5 years in supply chain management. Passionate about people development and efficient and practical solutions.

Rodolfo Gonzalez

Business Analytics | Finance | Strategic Planning

Analytical and strategic background resulting from analyzing financial and operational data. Passionate about improving business outcomes and providing solutions.

Adam Stape

Supply Chain | Business Analytics | Consulting

Experienced Procurement Manager professional, with 5 years of experience with high-value negotiations. Passionate about data analysis, problem-solving, and finding the best cost-benefit solution.

Sri Rekha Katari

Project Management | Business Analytics | Product Management

Over 6 years experience in business analysis, databases and project management in an agile environment. A Certified Scrum Product Owner passionate about working with stakeholders to help maximize the value proposition.

Oleg Ratobylskyy

Entrepreneurship | Consulting | Business Development

Experienced Entrepreneur, Business owner, Asset and Portfolio manager. Passionate about Real Estate, Business development, and strategic planning, working in a cross-cultural environment.

Anna Orlichenko

Accounting | Finance | Strategic Planning

Experienced financial controller with 7 years of experience in accounting. Passionate to provide strategic solutions to a business to achieve financial goals and objectives.

DeAndrew Miller

Consulting | Business Development | Project Management

International education specialist with a track record of increasing human capital. Passionate about improving business operations through identifying and closing the gaps between people and processes.