Hybrid Program (Course and Mentor-based)

PhD Program Features

  • Hybrid program (course and mentor-based)
  • Disciplinary rigor plus interdisciplinary relevance
  • Full time (length: 4-5 years)
  • Early match with supervisors
  • Guaranteed financial support

Hybrid program (Course and Mentor-based)

The Beedie PhD program is a hybrid program which combines a rigorous program of doctoral seminars and other graduate course-work, alongside a tailored mentorship with a Faculty member who acts as the student’s senior supervisor. We offer students a PhD program customized to individual interests and abilities. Students collaboratively develop their own curriculum to meet the challenges and opportunities of business and management theory and practice. The goal is to develop highly capable scholars for careers in academia.

Disciplinary rigor plus interdisciplinary relevance

All students specialize in a traditional business discipline - Marketing, Organization Studies, Accounting, MIS, Strategy, Technology Operations Management, and International Business – as well as broadening their academic background in one of the interdisciplinary areas that are the Beedie School of Business’ key strengths – Innovation, Globalization/Emerging Markets, and Sustainability.

Full time (Length: 4 - 5 years)

Students are expected to complete the degree requirements within 4 – 5 years. The degree requirements include successful completion of the course requirements in addition to the summer project, the comprehensive exam and the thesis requirements.

Early match with Supervisors

Central to the Beedie PhD program is the relationship between student and supervisor. This mentoring relationship begins with the application process, through which potential students are matched with supervisors based on their area of research interest, and continues throughout the program. Students typically begin working with supervisors on research as early as their first term.

Guaranteed Financial Support

The PhD Program provides an annual funding package (a minimum of $28,000) including a doctoral studentship for the first four years.

At a Glance

  • Hybrid program (course and mentor-based)
  • Full time (length: 4- 5 years)
  • Early match with supervisors
  • Guaranteed financial support

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