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Brenda Lautsch

Professor, Management and Organization Studies

Beedie Professor


Room: WMC 3341

Phone: 778.782.3748


Curriculum Vitae: View


B.Admin. (Regina), M.I.R. (Queen's). Ph.D. (M.I.T.)


Brenda A. Lautsch is the Beedie Professor of Management and Organization Studies at SFU. She received her doctorate in Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management from the M.I.T. Sloan School of Management, and holds a Masters in Industrial Relations from Queen's University. Her current research examines work-life relationships, how flexibility can be implemented to enhance work-life equality and inclusion, and how work and leisure can be more meaningful.  Dr. Lautsch's book that helps individuals understand how to manage work-life challenges and flexibility is CEO of Me: Creating a Life that Works in the Flexible Job Age (Kossek and Lautsch, 2008 Wharton School Publishing).  Her research has also appeared in numerous leading journals including Academy of Management Annals, Journal of ManagementIndustrial Relations and Industrial and Labour Relations Review.

Research Interests

Work and employment relations, non-standard, contingent and flexible work arrangements, work-life relationships and inclusion, and qualitative research methodology.

Selected Publications

articles and reports

Robertson, K., Hannah, D., & Lautsch, B. (2023). Harm, Then Good? How Work Meaningfulness Emerges from Doing Harm. Journal of Management Studies.

Kossek, E. E., Perrigino, M. B., & Lautsch, B. A. (2022). Work-Life Flexibility Policies From a Boundary Control and Implementation Perspective: A Review and Research Framework. Journal of Management.

Robertson, K. M., Lautsch, B. A., & Hannah, D. R. (2019). Role negotiation and systems-level work-life balance. Personnel Review, 48(2), 570-594.

Ernst Kossek, E., & Lautsch, B. (2018, May). Hourly Workers Need Flexibility the Most, But Are Often the Least Likely to Get It. Harvard Business Review.

Kossek, E. E., & Lautsch, B. A. (2018). Work–life flexibility for whom? Occupational status and work–life inequality in upper, middle, and lower level jobs. Academy of Management Annals, 12(1), 5-36.

ten Brummelhuis, L. L., & Lautsch, B. A. (2016). Office or kitchen? Wellbeing consequences of role participation depend on role salience. Journal of Vocational Behavior, 93, 171-182.

Robertson, K. M., Hannah, D. R., & Lautsch, B. A. (2015). The secret to protecting trade secrets: How to create positive secrecy climates in organizations. Business Horizons, 58(6), 669-677.

Kossek, E. E., Thompson, R. J., & Lautsch, B. A. (2015). Balanced workplace flexibility: Avoiding the traps. California Management Review, 57(4), 5-25.

Hannah, D. R., & Lautsch, B. A. (2011). Counting in qualitative research: Why to conduct it, when to avoid it, and when to closet it. Journal of Management Inquiry, 20(1), 14-22.

Lautsch, B. A., & Kossek, E. E. (2011). Managing a blended workforce. Telecommuters and non-telecommuters. Organizational Dynamics, 40(1), 10-17.

Lautsch, B. A., Kossek, E. E., & Eaton, S. C. (2009). Supervisory approaches and paradoxes in managing telecommuting implementation. Human Relations, 62(6), 795-827.

Lautsch, B. A., & Scully, M. A. (2007). Restructuring time: Implications of work-hours reductions for the working class. Human Relations, 60(5), 719-743.

Kossek, E. E., Lautsch, B. A., & Eaton, S. C. (2006). Telecommuting, control, and boundary management: Correlates of policy use and practice, job control, and work-family effectiveness. Journal of Vocational Behavior, 68(2), 347-367.

Lautsch, B. A. (2003). The influence of regular work systems on compensation for contingent workers. Industrial Relations, 42(4), 565-588.

Lautsch, B. (2002). Uncovering and explaining variance in the features and outcomes of contingent work within firms. Industrial and Labor Relations Review, 56(1), 23-43.

Kochan, T. A., Gittell, J. H., & Lautsch, B. A. (1995). Total quality management and human resource systems: An international comparison. International Journal of Human Resource Management, 6(2), 201-222.

books chapters and monographs

Ernst Kossek, E., Lautsch, B., Perrigino, M. B., Greenhaus, J. H., & Merriweather, T. J. (2023). Work-life Flexibility Policies: Moving from Traditional Views Toward Work-life Intersectionality Considerations*. Research in Personnel and Human Resources Management (pp. 199-243). Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.

Kossek, E. E., & Lautsch, B. (2007). CEO of me: Creating a life that works in the flexible job age. Pearson Prentice-Hall.