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Carolyn Egri

Dean pro tem

Professor, Management and Organization Studies / Business and Society

William J.A. Rowe EMBA Alumni Professor


Curriculum Vitae: View


B.Comm., M.Sc., Ph.D. (University of British Columbia)


Dr. Carolyn Egri is the William J.A. Rowe EMBA Alumni Professor, and professor of management and organization studies. Carolyn is a pioneer in research related to corporate environmental and social responsibility - she has been publishing on this topic for more than 20 years, long before it became trendy. "It's meaningful work," she says. "Since it's a relatively new field, it's very exciting - there's the opportunity to develop new standards and ideas."

Carolyn makes leadership and environmental sustainability the focus of her teaching, both for the Beedie School of Business and for other organizations. She is a recipient of the David L. Bradford Outstanding Educator Award (Organizational Behavior Teaching Society for Management Educators) and TD Canada Trust Distinguished Teaching award.

A prolific researcher, she has been examining corporate environmental social responsibility practices as well as cross-cultural differences in managerial values and influence tactics around the world. Carolyn devotes much of her time to service in her academic community; she has been an Associate Editor for Business & Society and Academy of Management Learning & Education, and a chair of the Academy of Management's Organizations and the Natural Environment interest group. She has also been a director of the Organizational Behavior Teaching Society and serves on a variety of academic journal editorial boards.

Research Interests

Corporate environmental and social responsibility, international management, organizational power and politics, leadership, management education, organizational change and development.

Selected Publications

articles and reports

Dheer, R. J. S., Egri, C. P., & Trevino, L. J. (2021). A cross-cultural exploratory analysis of pandemic growth: The case of COVID-19. Journal of International Business Studies, 52, 1871-1892.

Pellegrini, M. M., Ciappei, C., Marzi, G., Dabić, M., & Egri, C. P. (2021). A philosophical approach to entrepreneurship education: A model based on Kantian and Aristotelian thought. International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business, 42(1-2), 203-231.

Dabic, M., Vlacic, E., Ramanathan, U., & Egri, C. P. (2020). Evolving Absorptive Capacity: The Mediating Role of Systematic Knowledge Management. IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, 67(3), 783-793.

Treviño, L. J., Egri, C. P., Ralston, D. A., Naoumova, I., Li, Y., Darder, F. L., de la Garza Carranza, M. T., & Furrer, O. (2020). A Cross-Cultural Examination of Person-Organization Fit: Is P-O Fit Congruent with or Contingent on Societal Values? Management International Review, 60(2), 287-314.

Ralston, D. A., Egri, C. P., Naoumova, I., Treviño, L. J., Shimizu, K., & Li, Y. (2020). An empirical test of the trichotomy of values crossvergence theory. Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 37(1), 65-90.

Treviño, L. J., Egri, C. P., Ralston, D. A., Naoumova, I., Furrer, O., Li, Y., Darder, F. L., & de la Garza Carranza, M. T. (2019). A multi-country, multi-sector replication challenge to the validity of the cultural tightness-looseness measure. Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 38, 735-764.

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Egri, C. P., & Ralston, D. A. (2008). Corporate responsibility: A review of international management research from 1998 to 2007. Journal of International Management, 14(4), 319-339.

Egri, C. P., & Ralston, D. A. (2004). Generation Cohorts and Personal Values: A Comparison of China and the United States. Organization Science, 15(2), 210-220.

Egri, C. P., & Herman, S. (2000). Leadership in the North American environmental sector: Values, leadership styles, and contexts of environmental leaders and their organizations. Academy of Management journal. Academy of Management, 43(4), 571-604.

books chapters and monographs

Billsberry, J., & Egri, C. (2017). Leadership development through videography. In Kempster, S., Edwards, G., & Turner, A. F. (Eds.), The field guide to leadership development: Creative methods for practice and design (pp. 133-148). Edward Elgar Publishing (UK).

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Egri, C., & Pinfield, L. T. (1999). Organizations and the biosphere: Ecologies and environments. In Clegg, S. R., Hardy, C., & Nord, W. R. (Eds.), Managing Organizations: Current Issues (pp. 209-233). Sage Publications Ltd (UK).